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The solitaire reimagined: how to ensure your traditional ring remains modern 

The solitaire reimagined: how to ensure your traditional ring remains modern 

The solitaire engagement ring, with its timeless elegance and singular focus on one gemstone, has long been a symbol of love and commitment. Usually, it’s a single round stone, set on a plain band. Yet, for some, it’s a little too traditional – and dare we say, boring. Here, we give you tips for blending the solitaire ring’s iconic simplicity with contemporary twists that give it a fresh, modern edge.  

Embrace unconventional shapes 

While the round brilliant cut has been the quintessential choice for solitaire engagement rings, embracing other shapes is a fantastic way to infuse a modern vibe into your classic ring. Oval, radiant, pear, and emerald cuts are gaining popularity for their unique appeal and ability to stand out. An oval cut, for example, offers a slenderizing effect on the finger and features an elongated shape that captures light brilliantly, making it a perfect blend of traditional sparkle and contemporary elegance.  

Similarly, radiant cut stones combine the brilliance of a traditional round cut with a more modern, angular shape, offering an alternative that’s both unique and timeless. 

Experiment with band designs 

As the design of the ring overall is so understated, the band of a solitaire ring plays a significant role in its overall aesthetic – and modernising the band can transform a simple solitaire into a statement of contemporary design. Consider bands with unique textures, mixed metals, or the inclusion of small, pavé-set diamonds to add visual interest and depth. The thickness of the band can change the overall appearance of the ring too, with thinner bands both enhancing the size of the central diamond, and giving the ring a minimalist, chic appeal. 

Opt for bold settings 

The setting of your solitaire ring is another area where you can inject a dose of modernity. Traditional prong settings are timeless, but exploring alternative settings like bezel, tension, or even a floating setting can elevate the solitaire to new heights of contemporary style. A style popular with celebrities at the moment is a ‘hidden halo’. This setting gives you all the sparkling benefits of a traditional halo design, while keeping your ring minimalist and modern looking. 

Go ‘big’ with the wedding ring 

Just because you’ve opted for a classic engagement ring, doesn’t mean you can’t go ‘all out’ with the wedding ring. In fact, choosing a more minimalist engagement ring, and a bolder wedding ring, is a huge trend right now – like the roles of the rings have been revered. Opt for a complementary wedding band that has some of the ‘dazzle’ that your traditional engagement might lack – such as a minimalist wedding ring set with a unique, scalloped design, or a full/half eternity of diamonds. When paired together, the set will make a huge visual impact. 

Looking for your dream solitaire?

By exploring unconventional shapes, experimenting with band designs, opting for bold settings, choosing distinctive metal hues, and considering ethical and sustainable options, you can ensure your solitaire ring is a modern masterpiece. Shop our selection of beautiful, modern solitaire engagement rings, here.