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How to refresh and upgrade your engagement ring 

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How to refresh and upgrade your engagement ring 

There are many reasons why you may want to refresh or upgrade your engagement ring. For many people who get engaged young, they may not have had the means to buy the ‘dream ring’ at the time of the proposal, and therefore give a ‘starter’ ring, and wait to upgrade it years later. For some, their tastes may have changed across the years, and a different style would suit them and their dress-sense more nowadays. And for others, your ring might have never been quite what you envisaged, and – while you may love it for everything it represents – you may reach a stage where you’d just like it to be a little more ‘you’. Whatever the reason for wanting to refresh and upgrade your engagement ring, there are many solutions. Read on for tips on how to upgrade your engagement ring

How to upgrade an old ring 

There are a few ways you can upgrade an engagement ring, without changing anything about the ring at all. Alternatively, you can also have an old piece of jewellery reworked into something contemporary, at certain jewellers. Here, we discuss the different ways you can refresh and upgrade an old engagement ring. 

Opt for a whole new piece 

Probably the most popular way to upgrade your engagement ring is by choosing a new ring entirely. Perhaps your engagement ring was meant as a ‘holding’ ring many years ago, for when you could afford something a little more impressive in future. Perhaps your style has evolved over the years, or maybe you just fancy a change. But there’s no rule that says the ring you were proposed to with can never change – after all, it’s just a token of your love.  

Add it to a necklace 

If your engagement ring no longer suits your style – or maybe you no longer want to wear an engagement ring the traditional way – but you still love all of the meaning behind it, you can easily turn it into a necklace. Simply purchase a chain necklace of your choice, and thread the ring onto it. You can also add any other pendants or charms, to create a necklace unique to you. Then, you always have your engagement ring with you, but you still have the option to choose and wear another ring on your ring finger. 

Add a wed-fit band 

A great way to upgrade the look of your engagement ring, without actually taking your ring apart, is to add a wed-fit band to it. A wed-fit band is a ring that moulds around your engagement ring, sitting perfectly flush against it. Normally, this would be your wedding band, but you could also add one solely with the purpose of changing how your engagement ring looks. The perk of adding one of these bands is that it gives the optical illusion that it is part of your engagement ring. Therefore, if you’d like your ring to have a little more ‘wow’ you can easily add extra diamonds, or enhance the magnitude of your ring, simply by adding a wed-fit band next to it. In some cases, you can even add a wed-fit band either side of your engagement ring, for a real show-stopping result! 

Take it to a jeweller to be re-worked 

If your engagement ring’s metal and stones are in good condition, but it’s just not your style anymore, certain jewellers may be able to take the piece apart and rework it into something new. They can work with you to create a new style that speaks to you more, and you may even be able to add new (or even old – from a different piece!) stones to your ring. Being able to take apart and re-mould a new ring is a great, sustainable way to utilise old jewellery, but does sometimes depend on the structural integrity of the piece, so be sure to talk to a jeweller about your expectations before committing.  

Struggling to find an engagement ring that feels ‘you’? 

If you’d like any help in your search for a new engagement ring, feel free to contact our friendly team of experts, who will love to help you find your perfect piece.