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5 reasons to upgrade your engagement ring later down the line

5 reasons to upgrade your engagement ring later down the line

Your engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment, and for many couples, the ring lasts your lifetime. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Many couples choose to upgrade their engagement rings later down the line for various reasons. Whether you’re considering a bigger diamond, a different setting, or a more personalised design, upgrading your engagement ring can be a meaningful choice. Let’s discuss the reasons you might opt to switch it up.

  1. Celebrating milestones

As your journey together unfolds, you’ll likely celebrate many milestones—anniversaries, the birth of children, career achievements, house moves, new pets and more! Each of these moments can be an excellent reason to upgrade your engagement ring:

  • A larger or better-quality diamond can symbolise your continued accomplishments.
  • Upgrading your ring to something ‘better’ serves as a beautiful reminder of your relationship, and how it continues to get better and better with time.
  1. Evolving tastes

Tastes change over time, and your engagement ring should reflect your evolving style. You shouldn’t feel any shame that a ring you loved 20 years ago is no longer your taste, we all change! Consider:

  • Updating the design to align with your fashion preferences, now you have had more time to work on your personal style.
  • If you feel the ring is not unique enough to you, opt for adding meaningful birthstone gemstones to it, such as those of you, your partner or your children.
  1. Family heirlooms:

Family heirlooms often hold sentimental value, but they may not always match your personal style. Upgrading can help you preserve the sentimental connection while creating a piece that resonates with you:

  • You can always incorporate elements from heirloom rings into a new design, or perhaps pick a new ring that has a basis on your old, heirloom ring (Ie, they’re both solitaire diamonds).
  • Continue your old ring’s story, by passing on to a loved one on so it can continue to be used for the next generation.
  1. Symbolising renewal:

A ring upgrade can symbolise the renewal of your commitment and love:

  • A renewed vow ceremony accompanied by a new ring signifies a deepening of your bond across the years.
  • Use the chance to upgrade your rings as an opportunity to recommit to each other – either privately or with an accompanying ceremony.
  • If you’ve been through some troubled times, renewing your ring can mark a fresh chapter in your relationship journey.
  1. Financial ability

Your financial situation may change over time, allowing for a more significant investment in your engagement ring. You may have proposed when money was tight, and now you have a little extra cash and can finally buy the ‘dream’ ring:

  • Upgrade to a higher-quality diamond or a larger carat size.
  • Now that there’s no surprise proposal that could be ruined, allow your partner to completely pick their own ring, allowing them to get exactly what they really want.
  • Enjoy the process of selecting a new ring together as a couple, and reflect on the years you’ve spent together.

Want to find your new ‘the one’?

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