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The best fairytale inspired engagement rings

The best rings inspired by fairytales 

Every love story is unique, but if you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale romance and a ring that reflects the magic of your relationship, you’re in the right place. If you’re wanting to make your proposal extra special – or you’ve always had your heart set on a ring fit for a princess – keep reading. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best types of engagement rings that will help you capture that fairytale magic for your once-upon-a-time love story. 

The halo ring 

Halo engagement rings are reminiscent of vintage glamour, making them an excellent choice for a fairytale proposal. The halo setting features a centre stone encircled by smaller diamonds or gemstones, creating a radiant and enchanting effect. The vintage touch adds a timeless quality that will make you feel like a modern-day prince and princess. 

The rose gold dream 

Rose gold engagement rings have a soft, romantic glow that represents the dreamy ambiance of a fairytale. The warm, rosy hue of rose gold symbolises love and passion, creating an ideal setting for your love story to unfold. The vintage vibe of a rose gold ring also gives off a timeless, fairytale-esque look.  

The princess-cut solitaire 

When the cut even has ‘princess’ in the name, you know it’s right for a fairytale romance. A classic choice with a regal flair, the princess-cut solitaire engagement ring has clean lines and sharp corners, and is a modern take on a classic, romantic ring. 

The sapphire beauty 

Sapphires have long been associated with royalty and magic. Choosing a sapphire as the centre stone for your engagement ring instantly adds an element of enchantment. You could even complement the sapphire with cool toned white diamonds, for extra sparkle. 

The three-stone romance 

A three-stone engagement ring represents the past, present, and future of your love story. This style of ring is heavy with symbolism – perfect for those looking for an extra ‘story’ to go along with their storybook romance. 

Still not found ‘the one’? 

A fairytale-inspired engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of your love story. Chat to our friendly experts today, who can help you find your perfect fit-for-a-princess ring today.