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Do engagement rings hold their value? 

Do engagement rings hold their value? 

An engagement ring is not just a symbol of love; it’s also – usually – a significant investment. And taking the sentiment out of the purchase, many people wonder whether the money spent on an engagement ring is a wise financial decision. In this article we’ll delve into the factors that affect a ring’s value over time. 

Factors that influence an engagement ring’s value 

Several key factors determine whether an engagement ring – or a piece of diamond jewellery in general – will hold its value or potentially appreciate over time: 

  • Quality of the diamond: The most crucial factor affecting a ring’s value is the quality of the diamond. The “Four Cs” – cut, carat weight, color, and clarity – play a significant role. High-quality diamonds with excellent grades in these categories tend to retain their value better, as they are rarer than low-quality diamonds. 
  • Diamond certification: Rings with certified diamonds from reputable gemological laboratories are more likely to hold their value because buyers can confidently assess the diamond’s attributes, and know it is ‘worth’ it. 
  • Market demand: The demand for certain diamond shapes, styles, and settings can impact a ring’s resale value. Classic designs and popular shapes like round or princess-cut diamonds typically fare better in the market, so it’s best to opt for a classic design, if you’re thinking about the resale price. 
  • Precious metal content: The type of metal used in the ring’s setting, such as platinum or gold, can influence its value. Precious metals tend to hold their value well over time. 
  • Craftsmanship: The quality of the ring’s craftsmanship and the brand’s reputation can affect its desirability and, consequently, its resale value. A poorly crafted ring will fetch a lower price. 
  • Market trends: Market trends can have a significant impact on the value of engagement rings. For example, vintage and antique rings may appreciate due to their uniqueness and historical significance with time. 
  • Maintenance and care: How well the ring is maintained and cared for can also impact its long-term value. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help retain its brilliance, making it more appealing to buyers. 

Understanding depreciation 

 It’s important to note that, like many luxury items, engagement rings may experience some depreciation immediately after purchase. However, high quality rings in desirable qualities, carat weights and settings will always have inherent worth. 

Tips for maximising an engagement ring’s value 

 If you’re concerned about your engagement ring’s long-term value, consider these tips: 

  • Choose quality over size: Invest in a high-quality diamond with excellent cut, clarity, and color, even if it means opting for a slightly smaller carat weight to compensate. 
  • Buy certified diamonds: Always purchase a ring with a certified diamond to ensure transparency and authenticity. 
  • Classic designs: Opt for timeless and classic ring designs to ensure broad market appeal. 
  • Regular maintenance: Keep the ring in top condition with regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional jeweller. 

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