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How to wear diamonds – our guide

How to wear diamonds – our guide

Diamonds, often referred to as “a girl’s best friend,” are timeless and versatile gems that can elevate any outfit. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of glamour to your everyday look, knowing how to wear diamond jewellery effectively can make all the difference to elevating your outfit.

Choosing the right diamond jewellery

Before diving into styling tips, it’s essential to choose the right diamond jewellery for your style and needs. Here are some popular diamond jewellery pieces and occasions they’re perfect for:

Diamond earrings:

  • Studs: Ideal for a classic and understated look, and perfect for everyday wear.
  • Hoop earrings: Great for draw attention to the face.
  • Chandelier earrings: Perfect for special occasions and adding drama to your look.

Diamond necklaces:

Diamond bracelets:

  • Tennis bracelet: A timeless choice for both everyday wear and special occasions.
  • Bangle: Adds a touch of intrigue to any outfit.

Diamond Rings:

  • Engagement ring: Symbolises love and commitment and worn every day.
  • Cocktail ring: Perfect for glamorous evenings and parties.
  • Eternity ring: Represents eternal love and is great for anniversaries, also perfect for being worn every day.

Styling tips for diamond jewellery:

Mix and Match:

  • Combine different pieces of diamond jewellery, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, to create a coordinated look.
  • Mix white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold jewellery to add depth and dimension to your ensemble.

Layering Necklaces:

  • Layer a delicate diamond pendant with longer, statement necklaces for a trendy and fashionable effect.
  • Vary the lengths of your necklaces to create a visually appealing layered look.

Statement Earrings:

  • Let statement diamond earrings be the focal point of your outfit by wearing your hair up or pulled back.
  • Choose earrings that complement the shape of your face, such as hoops for a round face or studs for an oval face.

Stacking Bracelets:

  • Stack diamond bracelets with other bangles or cuffs for an effortlessly chic and modern look.
  • Mix diamond bracelets with coloured gemstone bracelets for a pop of colour and contrast.

Ring placement:

  • Wear a diamond cocktail ring on your index or middle finger to draw attention to your hands.
  • Pair your engagement ring with a matching diamond eternity or wedding band for a coordinated look.

Caring for your diamond jewellery:

  • To ensure your diamond jewellery retains its sparkle and brilliance, follow these care tips:
  • Cleaning: Clean diamond jewellery regularly using a mild detergent and a soft brush. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Storage: Store diamond pieces separately in a soft pouch or individual compartments to prevent scratching.
  • Professional maintenance: Have your diamond jewellery inspected and cleaned by a professional jewellery annually.

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