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Should you take a fake ring on holiday? 

Should you take a fake ring on holiday? 

Traveling often brings with it the dilemma of which valuables to bring along, and which should stay at home. For those who own precious jewellery, it usually stays at home, where it’s less likely to be broken, lost or stolen. However, when it comes to your wedding and engagement rings – things you wear daily – what should you do? An increasingly popular solution is to leave the real deal safely at home and travel with a fake or replica ring instead. But is this really a wise choice? Let’s explore the pros and cons of taking a fake ring away with you on holiday. 

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Pros of taking a fake ring on holiday 

  • Security and peace of mind: The best argument for opting for a fake ring is security. Losing a ring or becoming a target of theft can be distressing; something you don’t want to stress about abroad. A replica reduces these risks, allowing you to enjoy your vacation without constant worry about your valuables. If you lose it or if it’s stolen, it won’t ruin your holiday. 
  • Financial safety: The financial loss associated with losing a precious ring can be significant – again, not something you want to worry about when you’re travelling or relaxing! A fake ring, being of considerably lower value, mitigates the risk of financial loss due to theft, loss, or damage during your travels. Your travel insurance may also not cover such a large cost, if your real ring goes missing while abroad. 
  • Symbolism: For many, rings are a symbol of love, commitment, or personal achievement. Wearing a replica allows you to maintain this symbol of personal significance, even when far from home, rather than having to ‘go without’ for the week. 
  • Versatility in activities: Travel often involves activities that aren’t always ring-friendly, such as swimming, hiking, or sports. A fake ring is less of a concern in these scenarios, so you can worry less, and have more fun! 

Cons of taking a fake ring on holiday 

  • Emotional attachment: A replica lacks the emotional and sentimental value of the original ring.  
  • Perceived deception: There’s a potential for misunderstanding or perceived dishonesty if people (or even your partner) realises the ring is not genuine, though this can easily be explained. 
  • Quality and appearance: Depending on the quality of the replica, it may not withstand the wear and tear of travel as well as a real ring – and it probably won’t be as pretty as the real thing. 

What other options do you have? 

You don’t have to buy a ‘fake’ replica of your real ring, here are some other options for peace of mind: 

  • Go ring-less for the holiday: As it’ll likely only be a short time away, simply discuss with your partner that you think it would be safest for you leave your ring at home. 
  • Utilise a different ring: You don’t need to buy a replica ring, simply utilise any other ring you already have, in place of your engagement ring – the symbol stays the same. Alternatively, buy a lower cost ring that you like, and that you’ll also wear when your holiday is over. This option works great, as it’s sustainable, means you get to treat yourself to a new piece of jewellery, and shows an understanding that the value of the engagement ring is in its symbolism. 
  • Check your travel insurance: You can go ahead and bring your expensive jewellery with you, but just call your travel insurance, and check it’ll be covered, before doing so. After all, it’s what the policies are there for. 

Making your decision 

Remember, the choice is deeply personal and should align with your comfort level and the nature of your holiday. Whether you choose to travel with a fake ring or your precious original, the most important thing is to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Looking for more advice on jewellery care? Check out our guides on cleaning gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, so you can get your ring sparkling before your trip!