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Anniversary gemstones by year: our guide to celebratory stones 

Anniversary gemstones by year: our guide to celebratory stones 

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a beautiful way to reflect on the journey you’ve shared with your partner. While traditional gifts like paper, cotton, and leather are often suggested for the first few years of marriage, incorporating metals and gemstones can add a meaningful touch to your celebrations. And while – of course – jewellery is a traditional gift, you can make it extra special by taking the opportunity to purchase a symbolic gift for each anniversary, that they’ll wear for a lifetime. 

While there’s no official ‘list’ of gemstones for each year of marriage, organisations such as the GIA have put together suggested metals and gemstones to help inspire you. Here’s a guide to the gemstones associated with each anniversary, providing you with some inspiration to celebrate your milestones with a sparkle. 

1st Anniversary: Gold Jewellery 

Though not a gemstone, gold symbolises the brilliance and purity of the first year of marriage. A piece of gold jewellery represents a timeless start to life’s journey together, and can be worn forever. 

2nd Anniversary: Garnet 

Garnet, with its deep red hues, symbolises the warmth and growing commitment of the second year. It’s a token of passion and shows the enduring strength of your relationship. 

3rd Anniversary: Pearls 

Pearls represent the hidden beauty in a relationship and the maturity it’s beginning to show by the third year. They’re a testament to beauty and resilience. 

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz 

Blue topaz, known for its calming and soothing qualities, represents the fourth year of marriage. It symbolises harmony, peace and a deepening trust and communication between partners. 

5th Anniversary: Sapphire 

Sapphire, with its durability and royal blue colour, represents five years of marriage. It stands for loyalty, truth, and sincerity, reflecting a half-decade of love. 

10th Anniversary: Diamond 

A decade of marriage is a significant milestone, represented by the hardest, most durable (and sparkling) gemstone, the diamond. It stands for the enduring strength, clarity, and indestructibility of a decade-long bond. 

15th Anniversary: Ruby 

The ruby, with its fiery red colour, celebrates the passion and unbreakable bond formed over 15 years of marriage. It represents love that grows from a long-shared life. 

20th Anniversary: Emerald 

Twenty years are symbolised by the emerald, which stands for truth and love. 

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee 

Though not a gemstone, the 25th year is marked by silver, representing radiance, brilliance, and the value of a quarter-century together. 

30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee 

Celebrating again with pearls, the 30th anniversary emphasises the rare, beautiful, and precious nature of a long-lasting love that continues to grow. 

40th Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee 

The ruby makes a second appearance at 40 years, reiterating the theme of an undyiny romantic love that has endured the test of time. 

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee 

Golden Jubilee celebrates half a century together with gold once again, marking the most celebrated milestone with the most precious of metals. This recognises prosperity, strength, and wisdom. 

60th Anniversary: Diamond Jubilee 

Just like the 10th anniversary, the 60th year returns to diamonds, celebrating the enduring nature of love over a lifetime, with its unbreakable bond and forever sparkle.  

Incorporating these gemstones into your anniversary celebrations can add a layer of tradition and meaning to your gifts. Whether you choose a piece of jewellery with the year’s stone or a custom piece that incorporates several gemstones representing different milestones, these tokens of love serve as beautiful reminders of the time spent together and the years to come. Find the piece of jewellery that speaks to you and your relationship, here.