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The psychology of jewellery: what your choices say about you 

The psychology of jewellery: what your choices say about you

Jewellery is more than just a fashion statement or an accessory, it’s a reflection of the wearer’s personality and life experiences. and even their psychological state. The pieces you choose can speak volumes about you – and you may not even be aware. Find out more about what your jewellery choices say about you, here. 

The materials of your jewellery 

The materials from which your jewellery is made can signify different traits and preferences. For instance, individuals who prefer gold may be drawn to its timeless elegance and the sense of prestige it conveys. Gold wearers often value tradition and status.  

But on the other hand, those who choose silver might appreciate its versatility and subtlety, potentially reflecting a more understated, contemporary, and adaptable personality. 

The symbolism of gemstones 

Gemstones carry their own set of meanings and are chosen not just for their beauty but for the symbolic values they are believed to represent.  

Many gemstones have an individual meaning, which can tell you a lot about the wearer, and the traits they are trying to portray. For example, a person wearing aquamarine or citrine might be looking for more calm and peace in their life, whereas someone wearing rubies might be trying to attract passion and love.

Heirloom jewellery 

Heirloom jewellery, passed down through generations, speaks to a deep respect for family heritage and tradition. Those who wear heirloom pieces often value their roots and have a strong sense of identity linked to their family’s history. People who wear heirloom jewellery are often seen as trustworthy and respectable. 

Statement pieces vs. minimalism 

Choosing bold, statement jewellery can signify confidence and a desire to stand out and be seen. You might be extroverted and not afraid to express your opinions and emotions. Conversely, those who prefer minimalist jewellery might be signifying that they value simplicity, efficiency, and have a more introverted nature.  

Sentimental jewellery 

Jewellery given as a gift or chosen to commemorate a special occasion carries emotional weight. Wearing pieces given as gifts or from family members suggests a sentimental nature, valuing relationships and cherishing memories above material possessions.  

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