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How to propose over the Christmas period

How to propose over the Christmas period 

If you’re thinking about popping the question soon, the Christmas period can be the perfect time to do it. If your partner loves the festive season, it can be a meaningful time to ask them to marry you. But even for logistical reasons – such as it being a time most families get together to celebrate – Christmas can be a great time to ask the question. Here are our favourite creative ways for proposing over the Christmas period. 

Make the ring the ‘final’ gift 

Make your moment extra special by organising the ring to be the ‘final’ gift. You can either hide it on your person and pull it out when all the gifts are opened – or you could even hide it in plain sight, amongst the other presents. 

Hide the ring on the tree 

An extra romantic, holiday-themed proposal idea is hiding the ring on the tree, and leading your partner on a scavenger hunt for their gift. You could nestle the ring box in the branches, or even buy a ‘fill your own’ bauble and hide in the ring in there. 

Advent calendar proposal 

A very fun, creative proposal idea is to use an advent calendar. You can buy an advent calendar that you fill yourself, and stuff it full of all their favourite things – be it sweet treats, beauty products or even jewellery. And on the final day? Your partner opens the door to a beautiful engagement ring. You could also, similarly, use a Christmas cracker – just make sure you keep track of which one has the ring in, to pull with your partner! 

Make your Christmas party your engagement party 

As the festive period is a popular time for family and friends to get together, your partner will likely have no idea your intentions, if you arrange a party with all your loved ones under the guise of it being a ‘Christmas celebration’. Invite all your closest family members and best friends for a holiday party, and then propose on the evening – all your loved ones are already there to celebrate, and no one suspected a thing! 

Under the mistletoe 

A classic Christmas tradition: kissing under the mistletoe. You could ask a friend or family member to take a photo or video of you two kissing under the mistletoe, and while the photo is being taken, get down on one knee! No one will suspect a thing, plus you’ll have beautiful images of the moment to look back on. 

Looking for the perfect engagement ring? 

Now you’ve got some Christmas themed proposal ideas, take a look at our beautiful selection of engagement rings. And if you’re not sure which to choose, chat to our friendly team of experts, who will be more than happy to help you decide.