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What jewellery should I get dad for Father’s Day? 

What jewellery should I get dad for Father’s Day? 

For men, jewellery stands out as a personal gesture – it’s something they may not have lots of in their wardrobe already. So why not make his day with a personal, meaningful male jewellery gift. Here’s our favourite male jewellery gifts this Father’s Day. 

1. Signet Rings 

Signet rings have a very strong history, as they were traditionally used to signify family and status. While you may not have a family crest, you could have it engraved with his initials, surname or a special date. This offers him something unique that can be treasured for generations.  

2. Bracelets  

Unisex tennis bracelets or Cuban bracelets are versatile pieces that add character to both casual and formal attire. 

3. Gold chain necklaces 

A sleek gold chain is a sophisticated accessory that suits any dad’s style or wardrobe. You can choose from various necklace lengths and thicknesses to match your dad’s preference.  

4. Cross necklace 

A cross necklace can make a meaningful gift, as the symbol is closely associated with some religions. It can also be worn as a symbol of protection and makes a lovely gift they can wear close to their heart. 

5. Stud or mini hoop earrings 

If you have a ‘cool dad’ (so to speak!) with one or more piercings in his ears, you could gift him a singular stud or mini huggie hoop earring. If he has multiple piercings, you could even help him curate his perfect ear stack. 

Looking for the perfect male jewellery piece?

Take a look at our selection of male jewellery here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with our friendly team, who would love to help.