Why choose a D-shaped wedding ring?

Why choose a D-shaped wedding ring? 

If you’re looking for your perfect wedding ring, you might have checked out your options already, and know that one of your choices is the very popular D-shaped wedding ring. Let’s discuss what they are, what makes them unique, and what the benefits of choosing a D-shaped wedding ring are. 

What is a D-Shaped Wedding Ring? 

  • Unique profile: The D-shaped ring gets its name from its cross-section, with a flat interior that sits against the finger and a curved exterior. If you broke a D-shaped ring in half and looked at its profile, it would look like the letter ‘D’ 
  • Sleek and smooth: It offers a comfortable fit with a sleek look, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more subtle style. 

Pros of choosing a D-shaped wedding band: 

  • Comfort Fit: The flat inside ensures a snug and comfortable fit on your finger. 
  • Contemporary style: The curved outer edge gives a contemporary look to the ring, perfect for those who want a modern look to their wedding ring. 
  • Lightweight feel: Generally, D-shaped bands are lighter, which is great if you’re not used to wearing rings. This is why D-shaped bands are especially popular with men. 

Some things to consider with a D-shaped wedding band: 

  • May feel too light for some: If you prefer a more substantial feel to your ring, the lightweight nature of a D-shaped band might not be to your taste. 
  • Potential for slipping: The sleek design could mean the ring is more prone to turning on your finger. Ensure you get the size right, so that you don’t risk losing your precious ring. 

Tips for finding your perfect wedding band: 

  • Think about your lifestyle: The D-shaped band is great for those with active lifestyles due to its comfortable fit. Consider which style of band might fit best with your level of activity, hobbies and profession. After all, you keep your wedding ring on 24/7, so it needs to fit with your life. 
  • Don’t forget longevity: Choose a style that you love now, but make sure it’s something you’ll still want to wear daily in the years to come. 
  • Take a look at our selection of wedding bands: Not sure which style? Get inspiration for your wedding band by having a look at our beautiful selection here – you never know which design might be your new favourite.