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Can you get a ring resized more than once?

Can you resize a ring more than once? 

Some rings hold significant sentimental value, symbolising love, commitment, and special moments. When, for example, a ring is bought for a partner, it might not be a 100% accurate size, and therefore a resizing might be necessary. However, as our lives change, we might feel the need to resize a ring more than once. Many factors, such as weight changes, and alterations in temperature (perhaps you move to a country with a different climate), can cause fluctuations in finger size. This leads to a common question: can a ring be resized more than once? Read our guide for everything to consider before resizing a ring twice. 

Ring resizing 

Ring resizing is a craft that involves altering the size of the ring while maintaining its structural integrity and design. Not all rings can be resized, and the process is a tricky one, that requires a very skilled jeweller. 

Factors affecting resizing 

Before thinking about getting your ring resized, it’s essential to consider a few factors: 

  • Type of metal: Different metals have varying levels of malleability and hardness. Precious metals like gold and platinum are commonly resized, but the process can be more intricate with certain alloys. 
  • Design complexity: Some rings cannot be resized, due to their design features – such as pavé or intricate gemstone designs, and if your ring has engravings or inscriptions, this can also pose challenges to resizing. 
  • Sizing extremes: Resizing a ring to a very different size than its initial size (i.e., making a ring very large or very small) may not be feasible without altering the design or compromising its structure. Ring resizing usually works best if it’s only a size or two difference that needs to be changed. 

Multiple ring resizings 

Resizing a ring multiple times is possible by a skilled jeweller, but it’s not without limitations and considerations: 

  • Metal fatigue: Repeated resizing can potentially weaken the metal, leading to brittleness or other structural issues. This is especially true with thin bands. 
  • Resizing range: Each ring has a limit to how much it can be resized. Enlarging a ring too much can lead to stretching and thinning of the metal, making it more susceptible to damage. Making a ring too small can significantly alter the design. If you need to change a ring size by a large amount, it might be a better option to remake or replace the ring entirely. 
  • Gems and settings: Certain settings are used for certain ring sizes, to support the chosen diamond or gemstone. When you alter the ring size or style, the jeweller may need to assess whether the gemstone can still be properly supported by the setting. 
  • Quality of workmanship: The quality of the resizing work matters. A skilled jeweller will take measures to minimize the impact on the ring’s integrity and may even tell you that a second resize is not possible, or a good idea. 

Want to find the perfect size, the first-time round? 

Use our handy ring sizing app and read our guide to finding the perfect ring size, the first-time round. Still not sure? Give our expert team a call, and they will answer any questions you may have about ring resizing.