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Meghan Markle’s wedding day jewellery

Meghan Markle's wedding day jewellery

With the much awaited Royal wedding finally celebrated, here’s all about Meghan Markle’s gorgeous wedding day jewellery – including the style of her earrings, tiara, wedding ring and a touching “something blue” gift from Harry…

Meghan’s personal style shone through in her jewellery

Based on her existing jewellery, we were expecting Meghan’s elegant, simple, contemporary style to shine through on her wedding day – and it 100% did.


If you remember, for her engagement announcement Meghan wore a pair of dainty opal studs. For Christmas at Sandringham she wore classic-looking diamond earrings.

Based on these items, we though Meghan might choose either contemporary diamond drops or opulent-but-simple diamond studs (perhaps set in yellow gold to mirror her engagement ring).

The correct guess turned out to be the latter – she wore small but stunning diamond cluster buttons.

In the centre of each stud you see a beautiful diamond solitaire, and encircling it, many smaller diamonds. Here is a similar pair from our diamond halo collection:


With Meghan’s American heritage and low-key style, it had been rumoured that she might choose to wear a flower headpiece and a veil instead of a tiara.

(In fact, Sarah Ferguson did this in 1986, although she did later change into a tiara for the official photographs on the palace balcony.)


However, most sources confirmed that for such a high profile Royal wedding, the protocol would dictate a tiara.

We we’re certainly keeping our fingers crossed for a gorgeous diamond headpiece – and we got one!

Meghan wore the Queen Mary diamond bandeau tiara

When Meghan arrived at St. George’s Chapel, she stepped out of her car wearing a long veil, held in place by a diamond and platinum tiara.

The stunning piece is known as the Queen Mary diamond bandeau. It was lent to Meghan by The Queen.

Made in 1932, it originally belonged to Prince Harry’s great-great grandmother, Queen Mary.

The band is flexible and has 11 sections that are pavé set with different-sized brilliant cut diamonds. The centre design is in fact a detachable brooch made with 10 diamond solitaires.

The bracelet

We speculated whether Meghan would wear a bracelet at all, as many royal brides have chosen to only wear a tiara and earrings (like Kate Middleton for instance).

However, the simple elegance of Meghan’s dress with its flattering 3/4 length sleeves called for something extra on her wrist.

She chose a stunning Art Deco style bracelet that matched the Queen Mary tiara and her earrings to perfection.

Wedding ring

It was practically written in stone that Meghan’s wedding ring would have to be a plain band made from Welsh gold.

This has been the tradition for Royal brides dating back to The Queen Mother’s marriage to George VI in 1923.

The couple adhered to tradition: the Welsh gold ring you see above was gifted to Meghan by the Queen.

Ms Markle likes to wear yellow gold jewellery, and it is also the metal that her engagement ring is set in, so it suits her perfectly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a side note… Prince Harry’s wedding band did brake the Welsh gold tradition – he chose a platinum band instead.

Harry’s brother, Prince William, also skipped the Welsh gold tradition when he married Kate Middleton in 2011, by not wearing a wedding band at all. According to a Palace statement issued just before the wedding, this was simply because William doesn’t like wearing jewellery.

“Something blue” – Princes Diana’s aquamarine ring for the reception

Finally, Meghan’s choice for the wedding reception included a gorgeous aquamarine ring that originally belonged to Lady Diana, and was gifted to Meghan by Harry.

Diana wore the emerald-cut Aquamarine piece to a gala dinner in Australia in 199, as well as to a Christie’s auction of her own clothes in 1997 (above and below).

This was definitely the “something blue” detail in Meghan’s wedding attire – a touching, deeply symbolic gift from Harry.

We offer several aquamarine rings a similar in style, but in fact this blue topaz ring below is extremely alike to the one worn by Meghan:

So there you are. That wraps up our rundown of Meghan Markle’s wedding day jewellery.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and of course, that you loved watching the wedding celebrations with a glass of bubbly in hand on Saturday.

Hurrah! Congratulations to the happy Royal couple!



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