Katie Byrne, Editor of Wedding Magazine, talks bridal pearls and Meghan Markle

What do get when you mix weddings, journalism and creativity… with lots and lots of coffee? The answer is the lovely Katey Byrne, Editor of Wedding and Wedding Flowers. Get her expert insights here on:

  • Bridal pearls and coloured engagement rings
  • 3 essential tips for brides
  • What jewellery Meghan Markle could wear on May 19th!

Hi Katie, thanks so much for doing this interview with us. First of all, how long have you been Editor of Wedding and Wedding Flowers?

“I started working on the website as Online Assistant back in summer 2012… So six years! Which is fairly mad – but I suppose time flies when you’re having fun.”

What is your background? What attracted you to wedding journalism?

“I was never that girl who daydreamed about her wedding day but I’ve always loved writing.

“I studied English at university and undertook a stack of internships and work placements at various websites, magazines and newspapers, including, The Lady and The Telegraph.

“I won’t pretend bridal journalism in particular was part of the plan – I fell into it by (a very happy!) accident and love the mix of subjects and topic matters it incorporates.

“It’s not just flowers, dresses and cakes – it’s one of the biggest life events anyone can go through, and as such there’s so much more surrounding it. Relationships, money, mental health…”

What does your normal working day consist of?

“A normal day will involve a lot of social media, content writing and brainstorming ideas. And coffee. Lots of coffee!”

What aspect of your work do you enjoy most?

“We run a lot of real weddings on the website and I love the intimacy of getting to take a look at a couple’s wedding days – those photos that don’t necessarily make it into print in a magazine but that we can use on the website.

“I’ve always loved writing.”

“It’s such a privilege to get to see and read about the excitement, the nerves, the preparation.”

Tell us more about Wedding Magazine. What do brides love about it? How are you different from other wedding publications?

“The website was launched around 2010. Several facelifts later and it’s a bride’s best friend: we offer a mix of content that’s as playful as it is useful, covering everything from planning-related memes to dealing with bridal anxiety.”

“Pearls are just timeless, aren’t they? No longer the reserve of ‘something old’, it’s great to see so many brides actively electing to incorporate them into their wedding style.

“As well as the classic pearl drop earrings, I also adore the current trend for rings that feature a pearl or two in their design – they’re so cool and fashion-forward but also beautifully elegant, too.”

“Pearls are just timeless, aren’t they?”

Of course we can’t talk about weddings this year without discussing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day in May!

We absolutely loved your feature on the Royal couple and your thoughts about Meghan’s dress design. Would you make a guess about the kind of jewellery she might wear?

“Thank you! I really loved writing that feature and had great fun exploring the couple’s relationship and wedding plans.

“As well as the typical sparkling glamour of the royal bride – remember Kate Middleton’s glittering tiara and earrings? – I can really imagine Meghan wearing a pair of pearl earrings, or maybe a pearly headpiece.

“Even something as simple as pearl-topped pins will look beautiful against her dark hair.”

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“It’s not exactly breaking but I love the trend for coloured engagement rings. From bright yellow diamonds to glittering sapphires inspired by Kate Middleton and Princess Diana, I think picking a coloured stone is a really gorgeous way to add an extra twist of personality.

“My own engagement ring features an emerald, surrounded by diamond ‘petals’ – not only is green my favourite colour but my fiance also chose it as a nod to my Irish heritage, too!”


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Finally, as all brides know, planning a wedding can be stressful. What would be your 3 main pieces of advice for brides preparing for their wedding this year?

“Three pieces of advice…

“Avoid comparison it’s the thief of joy”

“Firstly, avoid comparison – it’s the thief of joy, after all!

“Secondly, don’t forget what you’re getting married for – if it’s purely for the party, you might not be doing it for the right reasons.

“Finally, work out your budget (including wriggle room) before you go any further. This way, you’ll be spared falling in love with that castle venue you spotted on Instagram, only to realise it’s several zeros out of your price bracket.”


Katie, thank you once again for taking the time for our interview! Want to know more? Visit or follow @weddingmagazine on Instagram and Twitter. You can also find Katie on Twitter @katie_b123.

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