6 Tips for Picking Bridal Jewellery

Here are 6 tips for picking bridal jewellery. Jewellery is to your dress what your dress is to your wedding day – it can make it or break it. Here’s a list of expert tips to help you pick the right accessories that pull your bridal look together.

1. Balance your jewellery with the dress 

The most important rule is to maintain balance. If you have a heavily decorated dress, it will look best with simple jewellery. On the other hand, a simple gown allows you to wear big statement items.

2. Match jewellery to your dress neckline

Your dress neckline and your jewellery should not overpower your face. For instance, high necklines, like halternecks, can look too much with a necklace and, in that case, you could choose big drop earrings instead. Read our full guide to matching your jewellery to your dress neckline here.

3. Let your fabrics dictate the gemstones

Let the materials of your dress guide you to choose the perfect jewellery:

  • Luxurious satin or silk goes perfectly with diamonds.
  • Vintage lace looks stunning with coloured gemstones.
  • When in doubt, pick pearls. They’re the time-tested bridal accessory that goes with any style.

4. Choose antique jewellery by design era

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to wear vintage style jewellery pieces. Just remember, when it comes to design eras, you should only mix them if they have a similar look and feel. For example, a Victorian pendant can look beautiful with an Art Deco style bracelet – but it wouldn’t go well with a retro 60’s bangle.

5. Match your metals to your dress

If you cannot decide between silver and gold jewellery, then let the dress choose for you. A pure white gown will look best with white metals – silver, white gold and platinum. An ivory gown is best accessorised with gold. Rose gold works well with unique dresses that have unusual detailing like feathers; it adds to the iconoclastic feel.

6. Something old, new, borrowed and blue…

Do you have a piece of jewellery that you inherited from someone you love? Now’s a great time to wear grandmother’s pearl earrings or that locket your mother gave you. Don’t worry if you don’t have a piece like this; it’s the perfect time to start your own tradition. Invest in an item of jewellery that will become your family’s heirloom and always remind you of your wedding day.

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