Designer Freya Rose Talks About Creating the Perfect Bridal Shoe

We’re in love with Freya Rose. She had us at “luxury craftsmanship” and intrigued us by revealing she comes from a family of fine jewellery makers. Designer and mother, Freya talks about what drives her, how she creates the perfect shoes,  jewellery inspiration… and what shoe clips are.

Interview with Freya Rose

Freya, we absolutely adore your new collection. What inspired you to become a shoe designer?

Thank you so much, I’m very excited about it! I love the industry that I work in! I come from a family of very creative and talented people and have grown up around the art of fine jewellery making and luxury craftsmanship. Inspired and eager to design, I studied shoe design at the London College of Fashion going on to gain valuable work experience with Gina. My creative inspiration comes from every experience and observation in my daily life; no inspiration can be too little or obscure.

Freya Rose Nadine Couture Shoes

Talk us through a typical day as a couture designer. It sounds like the dream job!

It truly is a dream job! I can honestly say that no day is ever the same as I like to get involved in all of the aspects of my business. I am constantly thinking of new ways to endorse my beautiful shoes, coming up with new design ideas, meeting with my lovely stockists and clients and of course, being a mum to top it all off! My life is crazy, but I am always kept on my toes and I absolutely love it!

How do your stunning shoes compare to the other bridal footwear on the market?

I feel that what sets my brand apart from the other shoes on the market has to be my use of intricate detailing and bejewelled features; precision and attention to detail is of the utmost importance to me. All of my designs are created in my Spanish workshop by artisans who have had their diligent skills passed down over generations and the finalised bejewelled features are handmade by myself. This is what gives my brand the luxury quality that it is renowned for.

We cannot stop staring at your Nadine Couture sandals (pictured above). What piece of bridal jewellery from would you pair with those?

I have to say, they’re a favourite of mine too! That certainly is a difficult question considering how much beauty there is on your website. Personally, I would pair the Nadine Couture sandals with diamond stud earrings for an understated but classic look, complimenting both the shoes and the jewellery.diamond cluster earrings


We haven’t heard of shoe clips before, but they sound like a great shoe accessory! Do you recommend these for brides on their wedding day to add to an existing pair they already own, or would you suggest they go for one of your hand-made bridal shoes?

I think that all depends on the bride’s personality as I feel that this can really shine through and reflect by the shoe choice. If a bride has a particular pair of shoes that she loves and wants to customise, then this is definitely the ideal way to do it! Alternatively, we do offer a bespoke service which will be sure to help make the final product that little bit more special, knowing that you own a one of a kind pair!


When our customers put on jewellery, we want them to feel special. How would you describe the feeling of your customer as they slip into a Freya Rose design?

When someone books a visit to our showroom, we set aside an hour exclusively for them to meet with either myself or a member of my highly experienced team. Whether they know what they want or not, they will have extensive help and guidance to ensure that they find the perfect pair of shoes to fit with their personality and how they want to be portrayed. Freya Rose shoes depict luxury, opulence and exclusivity, and upon the first shoe fitting, we want our clients to feel that they are wearing a brand that is of the highest calibre.

Keeping things bridal, what is your dream engagement ring? Perhaps you can pick one from collections.

All of the engagement rings that you have listed are incredible! My personal favourite has to be this matching set that consists of a diamond engagement and wedding ring.


Although you have been in the bridal footwear category for a number of years, do you see yourself becoming more focused on the non-bridal market?

I love the bridal industry and it will always be a huge part of my brand but I have also enjoyed designing my new ready to wear collection for 2017. The collection comprises of luxurious investment pieces for the fashion-forward thinker. Chic and timeless styles combined with block heels and ankle straps in lavish leathers and suedes, each key elements of this 10 piece collection, made of sumptuous materials, including python and grey mother of pearl heel. The collection adheres to the same high quality and luxury synonymous with the brand with an edgier feel, so it’s definitely something that I am very excited about!

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