12 Best Royal Jewellery in The Crown on Netflix

10 Best Royal Jewellery in The Crown on Netflix (1)

With the new Season 5 here, discover the best Royal jewellery in The Crown on Netflix. Get the juicy history behind iconic tiaras and jewels… and shop Royal-inspired jewellery looks!

1. The “Girls of Great Britain and Ireland” Tiara

From our first glimpses of the new Season 5 of the Netflix drama, we’ve seen some stunning images of Imelda Staunton, the new Queen Elizabeth.

Below, she wears a copy of the exquisite “Girls of Great Britain and Ireland” Tiara.

Did you know? This was Queen Elizabeth II’s most worn tiara. So much so, that it has been depicted on some British coins and banknotes.

Originally, a committee of aristocratic ladies who called themselves the ‘Girls of Great Britain and Ireland’ commissioned the tiara in 1893 as a gift for Queen Mary.

In 1947, Queen Mary gave the tiara to her granddaughter, Princess Elizabeth, as a wedding present.

2. Princess Diana’s 90s Huggie Earrings

In the 90s, Diana was THE fashion icon. Her hair, clothing and jewellery styles were copied by women worldwide.

Below, Elizabeth Debicki, the actor playing Diana in Season 5, wears classic gold huggies, creating a look that is “very Diana”.

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3. Princess Diana’s Engagement VS Divorce Ring

Charles and Diana’s divorce is also covered in Season 5. After the Royal couple separated for good, Diana stopped wearing her famous blue sapphire engagement ring.

(As you probably know, that famous ring is now worn by Prince William’s wife, Catherine the Princess of Wales.)

After her divorce, Diana often wore a large blue aquamarine ring on her ring finger, instead of her engagement ring. It became known as her “post-divorce ring” or “freedom ring”.

In 2018, Prince Harry, who inherited it from his late mother, gave it to his wife Meghan Markle to wear on their wedding day.

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4. The Queen’s sapphires when she meets Jackie Kennedy

Looking back at Season 2, The Queen was depicted wearing a blue dress and colour-coordinated blue sapphire gemstones when she met Jackie Kennedy. We are not sure if the jewels are an exact replica, but we believe that they are at least a nod to one of The Queen’s favourite sapphire parures (a set of jewels intended to be worn together) which was a wedding gift from her father, King George VI.

We know that Queen Elizabeth II has altered some of her sapphire jewellery over the years, making her father’s gift necklace shorter and adding a pendant. So it’s possible that the necklace seen on The Crown is how the set looked originally.

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5. Princess Diana’s pearl drop earrings in New York

During her lifetime, Princess Diana was often photographed wearing pearl earrings.

The ones that actor Emma Corin is seen wearing in the snap below from Season 4 are replicas.

Compare these two photos below where fictional and real Diana wear the earrings, along with her famous white gown and matching bolero jacket.

We believe that the earrings in The Crown were meant to depict the elegant pearl-and-diamond drop earrings that real-life Diana wore.

She received them as a wedding gift from the London jeweller, Collingwood, pictured below.

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6. The Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara & diamond jewels

Among the most realistic jewellery copies, and as one of the best Royal jewellery in The Crown on Netflix, the tiara pictured below is a replica of the Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara.

It was commissioned by the Queen’s grandmother. Her Majesty wore it – and famously broke it – in real life on her wedding day. Apparently, the mishap occurred as Elizabeth II was handling the heirloom just before the wedding ceremony. Therefore, it had to be hastily repaired in situ by Garrard & Co Jewellers.

(In the official wedding photos, if you scroll down to number 4 below, and if you have a keen eye, you might spot the slight gap in the tiara!)

Since her wedding, the real Queen occasionally wore the tiara at formal events. She is even seen wearing it in her New Zealand Diamond Jubilee portrait, below, with the matching Fringe Necklace.

In The Crown, the Queen’s outfit has the tiara paired with a teal ballgown and diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings, which although fictional, are simply stunning.

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7. The Queen’s emeralds while she dances in Ghana

The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara was said to be another one of the real-life Queen’s favourite pieces.

It was commissioned in 1874 by Duchess Vladimir and smuggled out of Russia when the duchess fled her country during the Revolution of 1918.

The duchess’ family sold the tiara to Queen Mary, who had it altered so that it could be used to display either emeralds or pearls.

Queen Elizabeth II later inherited the tiara and since then, wore it regularly.

In The Crown, the depiction of the Queen wearing the tiara with matching emerald earrings and necklace during the dance with the Ghanaian president, Kwame Nkrumah, in 1961, is historically accurate.

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8. The Spencer Tiara & Diana’s bridal earrings

On her wedding day, the real-life Diana Spencer wore the Spencer Tiara which had belonged to her family since the 1700s.

The pear-shaped diamond drop earrings that she wore on her wedding day actually belonged to her mother, the Hon. Frances Shand Kydd.

Both were accurately replicated in The Crown, along with Diana’s exquisite 1980’s style wedding dress.

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9. Maggie’s pearl button earrings

Margaret Thatcher is a controversial character in history, but there’s no denying that The Crown got Gillian Anderson’s Maggie-look down to a tee.

Including her pearl button earrings that appear regularly throughout Season 4!

Pearl earrings are, in fact, a staple when it comes to powerful women’s formal wardrobes.

The Queen, Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Rhianna, Kamala Harris and many other famous women have often been seen wearing pearl earrings during state dinners or red carpet events.

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10. The Queen’s double string of pearls

In the very first episode of The Crown, we saw the Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth to Prince Philip.

Apart from the Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara (which we covered above at number 4), the then-future-Queen’s pearls are her most famous bridal jewellery piece.

Claire Foy wears a similar pair in The Crown, shown below.

The real-life double string of pearls The Queen owned in fact consisted of two separate necklaces. They were the Queen Anne Necklace and the Queen Caroline Necklace, both wedding gifts from her parents. 

11. The Diamond Diadem & pear cut diamond earrings

The Diamond Diadem is a real-life crown that was originally made for Mary of Modena, the Royal consort of King James II, to be worn at his coronation in 1685.

It is made with diamonds and its value is estimated at more than £20 million today.

Below, Claire Foy is shown playing the Queen, wearing the Diamond Diadem crown together with a white gown and the Diamond Fringe Necklace for an official portrait.

Alongside these items, in the series, the fictional Queen wears a large pair of pear-cut diamond drop earrings which we believe are not exact replicas.

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12. Last but not the least… THE Crown

This is the most stunning piece in our list of the best Royal jewellery in The Crown on Netflix. It is the St Edward’s Crown, the most important of all the British monarchy’s crowns.

It is only used for crowning kings and queens. It was originally commissioned for the coronation of Charles II in 1649.

As you can see below, the replica that Netflix made for The Crown is a simply stunning copy of the original.

The original is made with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies set in solid gold.

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