10 Best Diamond Cross Necklaces

A cross necklace is often the first jewellery item that a person receives to mark an important life moment. These 10 best diamond cross necklaces make beautiful, inspiring gifts for birthdays, christenings, communions, confirmations and weddings.

1. Bestselling Diamond Cross

This elegant diamond cross dazzles with its round brilliant cut diamonds, breathtaking against a beautiful white gold setting. A precious and elegant piece.

2. Gold Diamond Cross

A beautifully handcrafted cross, with sparkling diamonds in a gold channel setting. A bestselling gift with 5-star reviews.

3. Channel Set Diamond Cross

Another channel set diamond cross, this time in highly polished white gold. It offers you a sleek, modern look for your neckline.

4. Silver Diamond Cross

Showcasing breathtaking design, this cross features sterling silver with sustainable lab diamonds. A truly special piece.

5. Design Diamond Cross

This beautiful cross looks delicate and sophisticated with a design that sets each diamond individually in a round white gold nest. One of our most popular pieces.

6. Sustainble Diamond Cross

A modern classic, this dazzling cross features sustainable lab diamonds in white gold. Looks stunning when you open the gift box!

7. Pyrus Diamond Cross

This exceptional diamond cross from the Pyrus Collection is set with high-grade diamonds in the finest white gold. Looks absolutely stunning when it catches the light.

8. Classic Diamond Cross

It’s no surprise this is one of our best selling diamond cross necklaces. The classic design will never go out of style and the setting is 18K white gold for best quality.

9. Sustainable Gold Diamond Cross

The classic design is simply beautiful, similar to number #2 but made with sustainable lab diamonds. It offers clear white sparkle that contrasts beautifully with the yellow gold setting.

10. Diamond Inlaid Cross

One customer said, “The most wonderful necklace. I love it! Shines beautifully and it’s just perfect no matter what you wear!” See it sparkle in the video below.

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