Can you resize a gold ring? 

The sentiment behind a gold ring is timeless, but sometimes, life’s changes call for adjustments. Whether you’ve inherited a family heirloom, had a change in weight, or gained a new accessory, the question often arises: Can you resize a gold ring? Here, we run through the process. 

Understanding gold alloys 

Before delving into resizing, it’s essential to understand that gold rings are often made from alloys, not pure gold (pure gold would be too soft for jewellery). Alloys are mixtures of gold with other metals like copper, silver, or zinc. The choice of alloy affects the ring’s durability and colour. Common gold alloys include: 

  • Yellow Gold: Pure gold mixed with copper and silver for a classic, warm hue. 
  • White Gold: Gold alloyed with white metals like nickel, palladium, or silver to achieve a silvery-white appearance. 
  • Rose Gold: A blend of gold and copper, creating a romantic, rosy pink tint. 

Can you resize a gold ring? 

The short answer is yes, you can resize most gold rings. However, there are a few important factors to consider: 

  • Type of gold alloy: Yellow gold is easiest to resize due to its malleability, while white gold and rose gold can be trickier due to their different alloys. However, an experienced jeweller should be able to resize any gold alloy. 
  • Ring design: Elaborate or intricate designs with stones, engravings, or delicate settings may be more challenging to resize without compromising the ring’s integrity. Some rings cannot be resized full stop (such as some full eternity rings), and would require a new piece to be made or purchased, instead. Always check with your jeweller. 
  • Sizing up vs. sizing Down: Sizing down a ring (making it smaller) is generally simpler and less risky than sizing up (making it larger). Sizing up can distort the ring or weaken its structure. Again, this all depends on the design and metal of the ring, and the skill of your jeweller.  
  • Hallmarks and engravings: Resizing may affect hallmarks or engravings on the inside of the ring. Be aware that you might lose details such as these, and discuss with your jeweller, if your inscriptions are especially meaningful to you. 

The resizing process 

Wondering how the magic happens? Here’s a general overview of the resizing process: 

  • Consultation: A jeweller will assess your ring’s current size, design, and materials, and discuss your resizing options. 
  • Sizing: To make the ring smaller, the jeweller will remove a portion of the band and then solder the ends together. To make it larger, they will cut the band and insert an additional piece of gold. 
  • Stone removal: If the ring has gemstones, the jeweller will carefully remove them to avoid them getting damaged during the resizing. 
  • Reshaping and refinishing: After resizing, the jeweller reshapes the ring, ensuring a seamless appearance. They may also refinish the surface to restore its original lustre. 
  • Stone resetting: If applicable, the gemstones will be reset securely into the ring. 
  • Polishing and cleaning: The resized ring will usually be cleaned and polished, so it’s in ‘as new’ condition to come back to you. 

Still have questions about resizing your gold ring? 

Get in touch with our friendly team of experts to find out your options. Alternatively, learn more about gold, with our helpful articles, such as the history of gold, how to clean gold and how to understand gold karats.