Bridal Proposals

Unique Proposal Ideas for LGBTQ+ Couples

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Are LGBTQ+ proposals any different? 

A proposal is just what it says on the tin: an offer. The only traditional ‘rule’ of a proposal is that one person offers their partner something – usually, marriage, but it could also be a commitment of another kind. A proposal is all about showing your love, and how much your partner means to you. But as we know, love is such a broad spectrum – and all couples are so different – so it would be silly to assume proposals should be ‘one size fits all’.  

So, while couples in an LGBTQ+ relationship shouldn’t have to propose any differently to straight couples, they may feel they want to do something unique. While the traditional act of getting down on one knee and offering your partner a ring might be perfect for you and your relationship, it might also be the opposite of what you feel is right. And that’s the beauty of a proposal: that it can be as unique as your relationship. 

Who proposes to who in a same-sex couple? 

Traditionally speaking, a man would propose to a woman. However, even in modern heterosexual couples, this is now not always the case – with some women subverting convention and choosing to propose to their man. There are no ‘rules’ when it comes to love. And for same-sex couples, there are also no hard and fast ‘rules’ about who should propose to who. This should be down to whoever it feels natural for to do so.  

What are some unique proposal ideas for LGBTQ+ couples?

Traditionally, in a heterosexual couple, a man would get down on one knee, and offer his fiancée-to-be an engagement ring, hoping she would accept his offer of marriage. However, this conventional approach might not feel ‘you’, so read on for some more unique proposal ideas and locations. 

  • Double proposals 

Who says a proposal must be a one-way street? Usually, when a person proposes, they do so because they know their partner is thinking – and wanting – the same thing, and will happily accept the commitment they are being offered. So why not think about a double proposal – where both partners propose to each other at the same time. You can even plan the proposal together so that it’s the perfect moment for both of you, and you could even use it as an excuse to have a party with your loved ones. If using a ring – or other piece of jewellery – to propose with, you could decide to have matching pieces, or go shopping together, so that you both have beautiful heirlooms to treasure. 

  • Propose with a different piece of jewellery 

The traditional piece of jewellery typically associated with proposals is an engagement ring. This is usually a more intricate piece, which is then paired with a simpler ring on your wedding day. However, there’s no rule that says a proposal needs to be done with a ring. Your partner might not like wearing rings at all, or an extravagant ring might not be suitable for their job, or lifestyle. In which case, a traditional set-up might not work for them. So why not consider a different piece of jewellery to mark your love, instead? Perhaps you could consider a beautiful necklace, a bracelet you know they’ll love, or a pair of earrings, suitable for daily wear. No matter what piece you opt for, whenever they look at it, it’ll give them a constant reminder of your love and commitment. 

  • Propose with an experience 

Proposals don’t have to be tied to jewellery at all, be that a ring or otherwise. A ring has always been a traditional marker of gift given to a partner to ‘seal the deal’, so to speak. However, if your partner isn’t particularly into jewellery, or you can’t find anything that feels ‘them’, why not propose with an experience, instead? If your partner is someone who would always prefer to be gifted a restaurant visit, or a getaway, instead of a wrappable present, proposing with an experience might be the perfect fit. Why not propose with an amazing trip, or an exhilarating experience they’ve always wanted to try? Or perhaps you could book a double tattoo experience and have each other’s initials tattooed on your ring fingers. Whatever you choose doesn’t have to ‘make sense’ to anyone else, as long as it fits your partner and their interests!