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10 Best Unusual and Unique Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring should really reflect who you are. A classic solitaire ring is not for everyone, so if you’re looking for something beautiful and unusual, take a look at this list of 10 best unique engagement rings.

1. Asteria Ruby Diamond Ring

The ruby is rarely seen on engagement rings, yet it’s the perfect enagement ring stone. First of all, its sparkling red colour symbolises love. Secondly, it is extremely durable. Here, an exquisite Thai ruby glows amidst radiant diamonds in a floral-inspired 18K white gold setting. Price £559

Ruby Diamond Engagement Ring

2. Asteria Baguette Diamond Ring

Why settle for one diamond when you can have a multitude? This ring stands above the rest with two exceptional diamond shapes – the rectangular baguette cut and the round brilliant cut. An unforgettable way to symbolise your engagement. Price £1,315

3. Anais Diamond Swirl Ring

A breathtaking diamond piece designed for big sparkle with a unique wedding ring to match. It showcases one stunning round cut diamond plus further sparkling diamonds all along the setting, drawing inspiration from elaborate vintage rings. Price from £2,049

4. Diamond Heart Ring

Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga carried it off. Therefore, the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring has become the rare mark of modern fashion icons. Romantic, unique and amazingly sparkling, this high quality ring is perfect for a girl who loves to flaunt luxury and style. Price £2,795

5. Green Sapphire Ring

The sapphire is a beautiful and durable gem, considered ideal for engagement rings. Contrary to popular belief, the sapphire is not just available in its blue form. The green sapphire, very rare, is little known yet breahthaking to look at. Here, it sparkles in all its splendour amidst dazzling diamonds on a fine gold band. Price £565

6. Round Diamond Cluster Ring

As seen in the featured image at the top. This exclusive engagement ring provides so much sparkle it instantly catches the eye wherever you go. Its unusual cluster design features H/Si grade diamonds. Watch the video to see how much light it radiates… and discover the hidden heart design in the setting beneath! Price £1449


7. Sapphire Pear Halo Ring

This  magnificent ring exudes luxury. The photograph below doesn’t really do it justice so watch it on video to really appreciate how luxurious and special it looks. It features round diamonds in a tear drop lattice design and a stunning pear shape sapphire in the middle. Price £1019


8. Art Deco Sapphire Ring

This unusual sapphire and diamond ring draws inspiration from the Art Deco era. Its lavish design features different shaped blue gems and dazzling diamonds in geometric patterns. The setting is fine white gold, polished to a standard of perfection. Price £529

9. Diamond Waves Bridal Set

This extraordinary bridal set, including a perfectly matching engagement ring and wedding band, has a unique wave design that’s unusual and beautiful to look at. The engagement ring features a 0.25ct solitaire. Each ring is chnanel set with diamonds on the shoulders.  Price £1909

10. Galileo Diamond Ring

This beautiful Galileo design combines a myriad of diamond shapes to achieve a superbly sparkling and unique engagement ring. The white gold band is split into a ribbon motif studded with round and princess cut diamonds, while the centre stone is cleverly handcrafted from small diamonds to create the illusion of a large solitaire. Price £2,125


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