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5 Best Jewellery Gifts This Autumn

We bring you the 5 best jewellery gifts this autumn. Based on the most wearable looks from the London, Milan, Paris and New York catwalks. We picked the best styles that will add dazzle to your outfits – and make perfect gifts for any autumn occasion.

1. Statement Rings

Statement rings, also known as cocktail rings, are a great gift because you can make them really meaningful. For instance, for a birthday, you can choose a gorgeous birthstone gem ring that symbolises the wearer’s birth month. It’s a gift that’s sure to stand out from the crowd.

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5 Best Jewellery Gifts This Autumn

2. Shimmering Opals

Opal is the stunning birthstone for October. White shimmering Australian opals and breathtaking orange fire opals look simply stunning on and make wonderful gifts for autumn babes.

From £140

3. Black diamonds

Firmly on our ‘5 Best Jewellery Gifts This Autumn’ list, black diamonds make great gifts! Firstly, because they’re unique. Secondly, because you can combine them with any outfit. Thirdly, and most importantly, their black sparkle is ultra-elegant.

From £199

5 Best Jewellery Gifts This Autumn

4. Autumn-Inspired Gem Colours

For a polished autumn look, combine a pair of pearl earrings with a cashmere sweater. Pearl jewellery is always a classic gift choice. Because it has a timeless look, your loved one will be able to wear it time and time again.

From £99

5. Hoop earrings

Hoops are this year’s biggest trend, and you can wear them in many ways. For instance, dainty huggies look chic with a suit, while large diamond hoops are the epitome of glamour in the evening.  Ladies, this look is a must-have. Pick your favourite below and send him a hint!

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5 Best Jewellery Gifts This Autumn