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The Queen’s 90th Birthday: Her Life in Jewels

Happy Birthday to The Queen! Her Life in Jewels

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II – Her Life in Jewels

On 21st April, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday. Our warmest congratulations to Her Majesty! To honour the occasion, we’re taking a take a nostalgic look at some of her favourite jewellery.

1. Engagement Ring

Her Majesty’s engagement ring is her smallest piece of diamond jewellery. But we’re sure it’s the one she holds the dearest. It’s a platinum ring with a 3-carat solitaire diamond, shouldered by five smaller stones. Prince Philip was very involved in designing it. The diamonds in it came from his mother’s tiara.

Queen Elizabeth II's Engagement and Wedding Ring on Pinterest


2. Classic Pearls

It’s plain to see from her outfits that The Queen is a huge lover of pearl jewellery. HM is especially famous for wearing multiple-strand pearl necklaces. However, her most famous pearls, which she wore on her wedding day, are in fact two separate necklaces. They were the Queen Anne and Queen Caroline Necklaces, a wedding gift from her parents. Below, she’s pictured in pearls 33 years ago. This picture was taken in 1982, when she attended a children’s rally on Honiara, one of the Solomon Islands.

Queen Elizabeth wearing pearls in 1982 - Pinterest

3. Royal Emeralds
The Queen has an extensive and beautiful collection of emeralds. The Cambridge emeralds, which she is seen wearing as part of the Vladimir tiara in the picture below, have a fascinating story. They were won in a charity raffle by Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, the original Duchess of Cambridge. Augusta was of course Queen Mary’s grandmother, and so they were eventually passed on as an inheritance to Queen Elizabeth II. They are said to be among her dearest jewels.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing emeralds - Pinterest

4. Red Rubies

The Queen’s Burmese ruby tiara was commissioned by her and made by Garrard & Co. The 96 rubies mounted into it were a wedding present from the people of Burma (now Myanmar). They’re said to bring her luck. The design features a wreath of ruby “roses” with silver and diamond petals. 

Queen Elizabeth II wearing her Burmese ruby tiara - Pinterest

5. Brazilian Aquamarines
The President of Brazil gave Queen Elizabeth II a stunning aquamarine necklace and earring set as a coronation gift in 1953. In 1958, they gave her a matching brooch and bracelet. Her Majesty obviously loved the aquamarine jewellery. She later commissioned Garrard & Co to create her a matching tiara with detachable brooches.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing her aquamarine tiara - Pinterest

We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane, celebrating The Queen’s life through her jewellery. Take part in our poll below. Tell us whether you prefer her diamonds, pearls, emeralds or rubies.

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