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6 Embarrassing Engagement Ring Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

6 Embarrassing Engagement Ring Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

Here are answers to 6 embarrassing engagement ring questions you were afraid to ask. Like what price is considered “too cheap”? Is it ok to buy a fake diamond? What if your partner hates her ring? We lay bare these topics and more to help you make this important decision with confidence.

1. What price is considered “too cheap”?

Only you can decide, it’s nobody else’s business. You know what you can afford, and it’s sensible to have a budget.

However, as with any other big, long-term purchase, consider wear and tear. This is jewellery she will wear on her hand for a very long time.

For that same reason, you also want her to love the look and feel of the ring. Aim to buy the best quality you can afford, so it gives your fiancée lasting wear and joy.

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2. What if she hates the ring?

If you’re pre-empting this problem because she is notoriously difficult to shop for, the best thing to do is to educate yourself, ask her friends for advice, or consider shopping for the ring together with her.

If the worst happens, don’t make a drama. Most of the time when a woman dislikes her engagement ring it’s because she genuinely feels the design does not suit her.

Think about it, would you be happy wearing a watch or a shirt you dislike every single day for the rest of your life?

Hopefully, your jeweller has a good returns policy. Chat about it, find out what she wants and buy her a new ring.

3. Is it ok to buy a fake diamond?

Only if she knows it’s an artificial diamond, and you’ve both agreed beforehand it’s a good idea.

Never buy a lab-produced diamond and falsely present it to her as a real one. You don’t want to base your future on a lie. Plus by sod’s law, she will find out one day.

There are plenty of better alternatives if you don’t like diamonds: coloured gems or white topaz cost much less per-carat, yet are genuine.

4. Is there a way to make a small stone look bigger?

Yes. There are lots of clever ring designs that give you more bling for your money.

You don’t have to buy a big solitaire ring, which is the most expensive option.

A diamond cluster setting, a halo setting or an illusion setting could be the perfect solution for you, achieving a ‘big look’ for less.

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5. Without asking her, how do I figure out the ring size?

It’s a tricky one. You could measure one of her existing rings with a ring sizer app.

However, bear in mind that the ring you measure must be a perfect fit for her engagement ring finger (usually left hand, fourth finger).

Often the best plan is to ask her close friends to subtly find out for you. Alternatively, make sure your jeweller is able to resize the ring later if it doesn’t fit.

6. Can I give her a silver ring? Silver is so affordable…

Silver is not a good choice for engagement rings because it’s the softest of all precious metals and can easily bend out of shape.

Silver jewellery is for occasional fashion wear only. The last thing you want is for the diamond to fall out or the band to dent.

The most affordable precious metal option for engagement rings is 9K gold. It looks beautiful and won’t cause the problems you’d get with silver in the long term.

7. I’ve left it to the last minute and now cannot get the ring I want. What do I do?

A last-minute proposal is fine, but a proposal without a ring is almost guaranteed to fall flat. Most people don’t realise, however, that jewellers don’t stock all rings in all sizes and some can take weeks to order.

We offer a range of rings that have a fairly fast turnaround – view them here.

If all else fails, we can also supply ‘stand-in rings’ to propose with. After she says yes, we simply resize the ring or exchange it for another one you both like.

Final words of advice

For most women, their engagement ring is the most special piece of jewellery they’ll ever wear. It represents the most important thing in her life: your love.

At the same time, for most men, an engagement rings is the first big piece of jewellery they buy. So it’s normal for you to not have in-depth diamond knowledge.

This is where a good jeweller who gives you reassuring advice will come in very handy. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert team if you need advice on buying an engagement ring, we’re always happy to chat! 🙂

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