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Why should you choose a statement engagement ring? 

Why should you choose a statement engagement ring? 

If you’re looking at purchasing an engagement ring, you may be wondering which style to go for (either for yourself, or for your partner). A statement ring can be an excellent choice for those of us who love a bolder style. After all, an engagement ring should be something you love, that makes sense to you and your partner. You’re the person who wears it daily, so it’s important you find something that you love, that matches your personal style. Find out more about the pros and cons of choosing a statement engagement ring here. 

What are the pros of a statement engagement ring? 

A statement engagement ring is just what its name implies – an engagement ring that makes a statement! Here’s our favourite reasons for choosing one. 

  • A statement engagement ring doesn’t have to be a ‘typical’ engagement ring – you can choose any ring you like. This means your options are limitless, and you’re not tied to one category of ring. 
  • Because a statement ring can be any design you like, you can choose a piece that works with your fashion sense, and style. If you have a unique dress sense, a statement ring can be a great choice. 
  • A statement ring is a real showstopper – if you have a bold personality, a statement ring can be a great extension of this. 
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What are the cons of a statement engagement ring? 

There aren’t many cons of choosing a statement engagement ring, but there are a few things to consider. 

  • Because you can choose any ring you like, it’s important that you still factor in things like your metal choice, and stone hardness, when making your decisions. Invest in a high-quality piece with a precious metal that is suitable for daily wear. Also consider the stone you choose – as you wear your engagement ring every day, it needs to be hard enough on the Mohs scale to take every day wear and tear. 
  • You might feel that a statement ring isn’t ‘traditional’ enough to be an engagement ring, and want to opt for something more classic. 
  • Statement rings may ‘age’ worse than timeless designs – if you opt for something very modern and trendy, you may regret it in a few years’ time if it becomes out of fashion. 
  • Consider the intricacy of your statement ring’s design – the more nooks, crannies and grooves on your ring, the more places dust and dirt can become trapped. 

Still not sure if a statement engagement ring is right for you? 

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