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7 Ways to Get a Bigger Engagement Ring for Your Budget

6 Best Ways to Get a Bigger Engagement Ring

What are the best ways to get a bigger engagement ring for your budget? There’s good news. You can get an eye-catching ring at an affordable price if you understand how settings influence the price and look of a ring.

1. Halo Setting

A halo ring is where the centre diamond is surrounded by a circle of smaller stones. A halo can add up to 2.5 mm more sparkle to your ring. Several small diamonds set together cost less per carat than one large diamond. Therefore, if you choose a halo setting, rather than one large diamond, you’ll increase the size of your ring while winning on price.

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2. Sidestones

Sidestones are extra diamonds set on a ring’s band. They can make a small solitaire ring look and feel substantial, compared to a plain band. As we already mentioned above, small diamonds are more affordable per-carat than big diamonds. Therefore, sidestones are an affordable way to add extra sparkle and luxury to a small ring.

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3. Diamond Cluster

Lots of small diamonds set close together is called a ‘diamond cluster’. As we already mentioned, small diamonds have a lower per-carat price than big solitaires. So this is a very affordable way to add volume to your ring. Some diamond clusters are set in shapes. Others are placed so they create the illusion of a bigger diamond. There is a world of choice when it comes to diamond cluster rings.

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4. Illusion Setting

An illusion setting is a special metalwork technique that makes small diamonds look bigger. The precious metal that surrounds the diamond has a pattern which mimics the stone’s facets and reflects its sparkle. As the name suggests, it creates the illusion of a large diamond – at an exceptional price.

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5. Gemstones

Coloured gemstones are more affordable than diamonds, so you can get more gem for your budget. Rubies and sapphires are the most popular gems for engagement rings. This is because they’re beautiful, rare and almost as hard as diamonds. They’ll give you lasting value for a lifetime.

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6. Bridal Sets

Bridal sets consist of a matching diamond engagement ring and a wedding band. They’re a smart way to get a good deal. This is because when you buy more diamonds (two rings) at once, you get a big reduction on overall price; about 30-50% less than when you buy the rings separately.

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7. Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds grown from a mined diamond “seed” by scientists. Certified lab created diamonds are a sustainable and beautiful choice – and they give you up to a 50% larger diamond for your spend. If you have your heart set on a big solitaire ring but your budget doesn’t allow it, lab created diamonds are a great choice.

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