Winter Jewellery Inspiration: Four Frosty Gems You’ll Love

Our winter jewellery inspiration comes from cool, frosty blue tones and sparkling whites, with luxurious accents of warm gold.

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Arctic blue topaz
Blue topaz, the November birthstone, is famous for its water-clear translucence. Its beauty and availability as large crystals makes it ideal for showstopping statement jewellery.

Winter Jewellery Inspiration 2016 - blue topaz rings amazing-winter-girl-1920x1080

Glacial aquamarine
Aquamarines play with light, scintillating with hues of sea-blue and teal. Their unique colour creates a beautiful contrast against yellow gold.

Winter Jewellery Inspiration 2016 - aquamarine rings 11-pallineWinter jewellery inspiration - aquamarine earrings

Aquamarine Rings | Earrings | Pendants

Frosty diamonds
Diamonds set closely together play off each other’s radiance, giving off breathtaking sparkle. Give yourself an indulgent treat – this season’s trend demands decadence.

Winter Jewellery Inspiration - vintage diamond ringsgirl-in-winter-jacket-walking-in-snowy-forest-picjumbo-comWinter Jewellery Inspiration - Diamond Earrings

Diamond Rings | Earrings

Wintery tanzanite
December birthstone is tanzanite, the world’s rarest gem. It’s blue-violet shimmer embodies winter’s beauty and it makes an exclusive gift for December babes.

Winter Jewellery Inspiration - Tanzanite Rings photo-1418073067875-c5f5ba16fe751Winter Jewellery inspiration - tanzanite bracelets

Tanzanite Rings | Bracelets

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