How to Buy and Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

How to Put a Ring on Large Knuckles and Slim Fingers

If you have slightly larger knuckles and slim fingers it can be difficult to buy and wear rings that fit you well. Firstly, it can be tricky to get the ring past the knuckle, and then, once the ring is on, it can feel too loose on the finger. Here are some expert tips that will help you resolve this problem.

1. Wear rings with a slim band

Rings with thick or wide bands are far harder to get on and off, than rings with slim bands. Therefore, if you have large knuckles, buy the ring with the daintiest band possible to help you get it on and off more comfortably.

2. Put under-eye cream on your hands

You have two options here. Option one is to simply apply any lotion or cream to your ring finger to make it slippery and help the ring glide over the knuckle. Option two is to apply under-eye cream to your finger. This is even better because under-eye creams reduce skin puffiness. This will help shrink the skin on your finger as well as provide lubrication, making it much easier to put a ring on.

3. Relax your hand and fingers

The more you tense up, the harder it is to get a ring on or off. So first, relax your hand. Leave your fingers in a slightly bent position, so the folds of skin on top of the knuckle are smooth. This way you minimise the ring snagging on the skin as you push it over.

4. Push upwards from underneath ring

When sliding the ring on and off, make sure you apply more pressure on the part of the band that is underneath your finger. There is less skin, but more “cushion” (muscle) on the underside of a finger. If you use this factor to your advantage, it will help the top half of the ring pass over the top of your knuckle, which is usually the hardest part.

5. Ease the ring on, do not force

Once you manage to get the ring right in the middle of the knuckle, focus on getting the top of the ring over the top of the knuckle. Do this with small movements, to and fro, as you slowly push the ring on.

6. Once it’s on the finger, adjust the ring if it’s loose

Now your ring is on your finger. But it may feel a little loose if your finger is a lot slimmer than your knuckle. If so, you might want to invest in a pack of ring adjusters (tiny transparent coils) or snuggies (tiny sticky felt pads). These attach to the underside of the ring and make it sit more snugly. You can easily buy these from any big online store like Amazon.

7. If you need to take the ring off

You may need to take the ring off occasionally. If so, simply follow the instructions above, moving the ring in the opposite direction on your finger. First, though, don’t forget to remove the ring size adjuster if you’re using one, and apply cream.

BONUS TIP – putting on the ring during your wedding ceremony:

Practice makes perfect! If you’re worried about getting a ring on during your wedding ceremony, practice putting on the ring several times before the big day, to make sure you can do it as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget to task one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to bring some cream, and then apply it to your ring finger just before the ceremony starts.