5 Best Celebrity Tennis Bracelets

Summer brings with it an array of exciting British outdoor events, and Wimbledon is definitely at the top of the celeb VIP attendance list. Notably, it’s the stars’ dazzling jewellery we love to watch out for, so to celebrate the finest tennis tournament of them all, here is our list of the best celebrity tennis bracelets that we “love-love”.

What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a perfect, sparkling line of diamonds, worn on the wrist. Since the 50s era of Hollywood glamour, tennis bracelets have been known as a symbol of luxury and status.

Iconic women like Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O and Sophia Loren, to name a few, have been known to wear this simple yet opulent jewellery style – making it a huge trend even today.

2-carat diamond tennis bracelet

Here are five contemporary celebrities we spotted wearing gorgeous diamond tennis bracelets:

1. Kate Moss

At the Met Gala 2022, we saw Kate Moss wearing an antique French cut diamond tennis bracelet. Our jewellery experts estimate it to weigh more than 40 carats, placing its value somewhere in the region of £250,000.

2 & 3. Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham

This first pic is an engagement photo. In it, we see football legend David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn, and his fiancée Nicola, both wearing tennis bracelets. Scroll down for more details on Nicola’s gorgeous bracelet…

Below you’ll see Nicola’s stunning bracelet closer up. It is made with huge emerald cut diamonds. As her engagement ring is also an emerald cut diamond, the bracelet is a perfect match.

Because Nicola wears the bracelet in many of her Instagram photos, we’re guessing it is one of her most sentimental and important jewellery pieces. Her bracelet could be worth up to £300K!

4. Lenny Kravitz

Thanks to a men’s jewellery renaissance, diamonds are no longer just for the ladies. At the 2022 Grammys, we saw Lenny rocking (pardon the pun) not one, but two designer tennis bracelets on his left wrist. Reportedly, each one features 1 whole carat of diamonds set in platinum. We estimate their value to be around £60K.

5. Meghan Markle

This one definitely makes our best celebrity diamond bracelets list, simply because of its history. Meghan Markle has inherited at least five pieces of jewellery from Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. One of these heirloom pieces is a diamond tennis bracelet.

What makes it more special is that it is the same bracelet that Harry removed two diamonds from to design Meghan’s engagement ring. Meghan famously wore the bracelet during her and Harry’s Oprah interview. It is valued at around £125,000.

How did tennis bracelets get their name?

The name ‘tennis bracelet’ has quite the story, and it’s to do with an American tennis star, Chris Evert and a 1987 US Open match. Read the full story here.

Looking for a tennis bracelet?

If you enjoyed our best celebrity tennis bracelets list, you might be inspired to buy one of your own. Diamond tennis bracelets look super glamorous yet elegant, and today, there are many fabulous designs to choose from with diamonds and also coloured gems.