10 Best Tennis Bracelets for Wimbledon

If you’re looking for a winning gift, ace it like a true champ with our 10 best tennis bracelets as we celebrate Wimbledon. We handcraft each one in our London workshop, including a secure clasp that won’t come undone during a big serve.

1. Tennis Bracelet With 3 Carats of Diamonds

This is our bestseller. With exquisite, glittering diamonds set it in polished white gold, it makes your wrist look instantly luxurious.

Price £3,215 or £51.48p/mth

2. Tennis Bracelet With 2 Carats of Diamonds

This bracelet showcases round brilliant diamonds and a setting handcrafted from the finest white gold. A truly beautiful bit of wrist candy.

Price £1949 or £31.21p/mth

3. Silver Tennis Bracelet With 1.5 Carats of Diamonds

This stunning silver bracelet sparkles with sustainable lab grown diamonds. It’s on our list of 10 best tennis bracelets because it has superb reviews.

Price £799 or £12.80p/mth

4. Silver Tennis Bracelet With 1 Carat of Diamonds

This is another silver design with a clever illusion setting that makes the diamonds look larger than they actually are, and offering superb value.

Price £519 or £8.31p/mth


5. Rubover Set Tennis Bracelet in White Gold

The rubover setting is known as the most secure setting because the gold wraps around the diamonds. This piece makes the wrist look elegant and luxurious.

Price £1525 or £24.42p/mth

6. Rubover Set Tennis Bracelet in Yellow Gold

This is the yellow gold version of the above bracelet. The warm, rich tones of the gold contrast beautifully against the sparkling white diamonds, making this a really eye-catching piece.

Price £1525 or £24.42p/mth

7. Diamond Cluster 5 Carat Tennis Bracelet

One of our newest tennis bracelets that is already promising to be a best-seller. With a staggering 5 carats of sustainable diamonds, it sparkles with breathtaking luxury on your wrist.

Price £2999 or £48.02p/mth

8. Sustainable 3 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Our sparkling collection of lab grown diamond tennis bracelets is made with sustainable diamonds and precious metals, giving you up to 50% more diamonds for your spend.

Price £1499 or £24.01p/mth

9. Diamond 2 Carat Tennis Bracelet in White Gold

A tried and tested gift, this Chloe tennis bracelet features diamonds held in a claw setting that maximises sparkle. A stunning gift for any occasion.

Price £2225 or £35.63p/mth

10. Rainbow Tennis Bracelet

Looking for something different? This alluring rainbow tennis bracelet is set with an array of gorgeous gemstones including Amethyst, Blue Sapphires, Swiss Blue Topaz, Sky Blue Topaz, Pink Sapphire, Yellow Citrine, Yellow Sapphire, Peridot and Green Amethyst. Men’s Rainbow Bracelet also available.

Price £1495 or £23.94p/mth

All prices were quoted correctly on 5th June 2022 but may vary any time after this date.

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