Use Art to Inspire Your Marriage Proposal

art based marriage proposals

Using art to inspire your proposal is a great move, like the man who created a whole fake art exhibition solely to propose to his girlfriend. If that seems like a bit much, you can still be inspired by art to create a unique and meaningful proposal.

Why not collaborate with some street artists in your city to create a street art proposal – you can be as imaginative and creative as you like. Or make your own stop-motion video proposal which you can upload to YouTube or email to your partner. Many successful proposals began with the creation of a comic book style timeline, charting the couple’s relationship and culminating with the big question – of course,

when so much effort is involved, she usually says yes!

People have used art in all kinds of ways to propose, and if you’re a creative couple, this is sure to leave her feeling on top of the world.

PhotoBooth marriage proposal

photo booth proposal

You know how you’d love to capture the expression on their face when you pop the question? That’s what photobooth proposals are for.

Using a photobooth as a proposal tool means you’ll capture her expression at the exact moment you pop the question – most photobooth proposals need little else except yourself, your partner and the ring. Plus your most photogenic hairstyle, of course.

She might suspect something is up if you suddenly organise a trip to a photobooth without a reason, so rope some friends in and get them to play along; she won’t have a clue what’s about to happen.

Some of the sweetest photobooth proposals can be seen online, with the expression on the woman’s face as he proposes ranging from mild surprise to complete shock. We think this is a cute and unusual way to propose, with the added bonus of photos of the special moment!

Street Art marriage proposal

street art proposal

Whether you’re an artist yourself, have friends with a creative streak or live in a city where you can collaborate with street artists, a street art proposal is a cool and creative way to mark one of the happiest days of your life.

Perhaps your other half has a favourite artist you can contact to help you with your proposal idea? If art has played an important role in your meeting or history as a couple, it makes sense to create an artistic proposal that she’ll love!

Turn your street art proposal into a tour of the city which leads to the final piece of art and time to pop the question. Or be inspired by NYC based artist Jay Shells, who took things one step further and painted the words ‘Rachel will you marry me?’ across the rooftops below his apartment. Just make sure you don’t get caught!

Origami Marry Me proposal

Origami Proposal

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding; despite most people believing it’s a Japanese art, it actually originated in ancient China. Using origami is a cool, creative way to pop the question.

The traditional way to incorporate origami into your proposal idea is to create or order a ‘Marry Me Rose’. This is a paper rose which has your own unique proposal poem or words printed in the centre or on the petals. Hidden in a gorgeous bunch of flowers, it might take your partner a few minutes to spot this beautiful paper rose!

Presenting your girlfriend with a bunch of roses gets her in the mood for romance; when she discovers the paper flower, she’ll be so surprised that she won’t expect what’s coming next. An origami proposal is a creative, memorable and unique way to ask the love of your life to marry you.

Stop-Motion video marriage proposal

stop-motion proposal

Creating a stop-motion video is one of the sweetest ways to propose and you can do it even if you’re on a budget. Creative types and art students love stop-motion videos, but it’s also possible to create one on a grander scale if you have the props.

Take inspiration from the man who used nothing more than a few crayons, a dollar bill and a diamond ring for his stop-motion proposal ‘Broken Crayons’ on YouTube; it’s simple, heartfelt and effective, she said yes!

If your partner is into Lego or has favourite characters from film and TV, you can use figurines as part of your stop-motion to create a fun, action-packed scene ending with your proposal. Making stop-motion films requires a bit of practice, but if you have a friend with the knowledge or a bit of time on your hands, you too can create the perfect stop-motion proposal.

Comic book marriage proposal

Comic Book Proposal

Whether you’re a fan of Scott Pilgrim or a hardcore Marvel addict, there’s no denying that once you fall in love with comic books, you’re likely to be hooked for life.

So using your favourite comic books to propose to the one you love makes perfect sense, right? It’s a cute and quirky way to win her heart, and you can rope in creative friends and family to help.

One comic fan in New York created a whole comic dedicated to his girlfriend, with pages illustrated by their friends and family. Others have produced online comic strip style timelines of their relationship for the perfect way to pop the question.

If you’re not very artistic, you’ll even find websites where you can hire artists to draw comic book characters or create whole scenes for you to use in your custom-made comic. Who could fail to be won over by such a romantic gesture?

Say it with a Post-It proposal

post it proposal

If you’ve got a surplus of sticky notes lying around (and no, we don’t recommend you raid the office stationery cupboard), then why not create a post-it proposal?

One man in the USA covered a whole room in his girlfriend’s apartment with post-its highlighting special moments in their relationship and asking her to marry him. Of course, you’ll probably need several thousand post-its to get your message across if you decide to do things on a grand scale.

For a more environmentally friendly way to showcase your love, why not create a simple post-it note banner than can be displayed at home, at the office or even by the side of the road on the way to work; your imagination is the limit. This is a sweet and imaginative way to propose that takes time and effort, so it’s sure to go down in history as one of the best moments in her life!