Go Digital and Make Technology Part of Your Proposal

We’re living in a digital era and the world around us is filled with games consoles, smartphones, social media and memes. Sometimes it can be hard to switch off from the world, but why not make technology part of your marriage proposal?

There are loads of great ideas you could use to propose using technology – take the man who hacked his girlfriend’s computer game to award her with a digital ring, or the man who proposed using a meme. From gamer and hacker proposals to proposals using social media such as Twitter, you can use the digital universe to create a unique, personalised way to ask your partner to marry you.

Digital proposals are easy to organise (provided you or your friends have a bit of know how) and often don’t cost much, making them ideal for creative types on a budget who still want a spectacular proposal idea!

Hack-It Honey marriage proposal

hack it honey proposal

Gaming geeks and anyone with programming skills know that the best way to propose is by hacking your loved one’s favourite game, especially if you can’t seem to get them to put down the controller for more than five minutes! People have hacked websites, PC and console games and even smartphone games to ask their partner for their hand in marriage – it’s usually a technique which results in a happy ending for all concerned!

One of the most famous hacker proposals involves the Nintendo game Contra. Hacking the game, the man involved changed the player names to represent himself and his girlfriend – when she beat the game, she won his heart and his proposal appeared on screen. We’re willing to bet this type of proposal would appeal to anyone who’s even remotely into gaming or programming; it’s creative, cute and fun, so who could resist?

Tweet-Heart proposal – Twitter marriage proposal idea

tweat heart proposal

If your partner is a social media addict, you’ve probably found yourself trying to pry their smartphone out of their hands during a romantic dinner, whilst they check their Twitter or catch up on Facebook. But you can use their addiction to your advantage when it comes to proposing – why not propose using Twitter?

Even celebrities have been known to get in on the Twitter proposal phenomena, with DJ Deadmau5 proposing to his girlfriend, Kat Von D on the social networking site.

If you’re planning on using Twitter to propose to your other half, bear in mind that the universe will see whatever you write, and you’ll only have 140 characters to get your message across – so keep it short and sweet.

A great idea is to use your Tweet to link to artwork or a video you’ve created online, where you have the opportunity to express your feelings in more detail.

Marry Me Meme marriage proposal

marry me meme proposal

Memes are a relatively recent online phenomena, and they’re designed to make people laugh, so if you’re looking for a really cute and fun way to propose to the girl you love, creating a meme or two should do the trick!

Those looking for inspiration for a meme proposal should look at Tim and Audrey’s video on YouTube. Tim came up with a whole proposal inspired by different memes relating to his fear of and reluctance to get married in the past. The video is beautiful and you can’t help but feel inspired by watching it.

Of course, you can use memes for a much less romantic and more amusing proposal – via email, on Facebook or Twitter or on a website. If you’re struggling to express how you feel, using the humour of internet memes can work really well and help you to get across how important your partner is to you.

Playing Video Games marriage proposal

playing games proposal

If you and your partner are into video games, why not make this a part of your proposal idea?

The obvious route is to use game inspired props to your proposal, like the man who customised a ring box with pictures of Mario and Princess Peach, two rings and the words, ‘Be my player two?’

Of course you could take your inner geek one step further and propose to the one you love in-game. Most Gamers have no doubt heard about these types of proposals – one guy led his girlfriend to a secluded spot whilst playing the console game Halo 3 and had spelled out the words ‘Will you marry me?’ on the ground.

In World of Warcraft, a popular online role-playing game, there have even been in-game weddings! If you and your other half met playing a specific game, this is a really unique and special way to propose.

Put it online website marriage proposal

Put it online proposal

If you’re a shy, retiring type then a flash mob or other grand gesture might not be right for you when the time comes to propose to your other half. You want subtle, creative yet memorable; that’s where a website proposal really comes into its own.

Jim & Julie’s story is one of the sweetest around; he created a cartoon-strip style timeline of their relationship on a website specially set up to allow him to pop the question. Of course, he set up a camera to video her reaction as she scrolled through the site, and her answer was a resounding yes!

Other ways to propose on a website include posting a banner on a site your partner frequently visits or using your creative skills to create artwork or a video about your relationship. Putting in such effort and thought is sure to leave her in tears – the good kind, that is!