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What does it mean to wear a ring on your right hand? 

What does it mean to wear a ring on your right hand? 

Rings have adorned our fingers for centuries, serving as symbols of love, commitment, and personal expression. We all know that a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is traditionally a wedding or engagement ring, but what does it mean when you wear a ring on your right hand? Find out, here.

Symbol of independence

Wearing a ring on your right hand is often seen as a declaration of independence and empowerment. It can signify that you are comfortable and confident in your single status or that you prioritise your personal growth and self-love. It’s essentially a commitment to yourself, the same way a ring on your left hand might be a commitment to someone else.

Personal style

If your left hand is used primarily for your wedding and engagement rings (or even if it’s not!), the right hand is a great place to wear fashion rings, to showcase your personality and style.

Celebration of achievements

A ring on your right hand can also be a celebration of personal achievements and milestones, whether in your career, education or personal life.

Family and heirlooms

In some cultures, wearing a ring on the right hand can indicate family connections or the passing down of heirlooms.

Religious or cultural significance

In certain religious and cultural contexts, wearing a ring on the right hand may have specific meanings. For example, in some Eastern European countries, the right hand is traditionally the hand for wedding and engagement rings. So which hand you wear your rings on totally depends on your location.

Relationship status

While the left hand is typically reserved for engagement and wedding rings, wearing a ring on the right hand can sometimes signify a relationship status. It may be where you choose to wear a ‘promise ring’, a ring to indicate that you are in a committed relationship but not married or engaged.

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