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Do platinum rings need maintenance?

Do platinum rings need maintenance?

Platinum is one of the most popular metals, with its unrivalled lustre and strength. But as with all pieces of fine jewellery worn daily, the question often arises: do platinum rings need maintenance to keep sparkling? Here’s our guide to platinum, and how to care for it. 

Platinum, with its silvery-white brilliance, is extremely popular in the jewellery and wedding & engagement world. This metal is a favourite for those milestone pieces of jewellery that are meant to last a lifetime.  

However, despite its durability, it sometimes still needs a polish from time to time. Here’s all about how to care for your platinum

The platinum patina 

One of the unique characteristics of platinum is its ability to develop what is known as a patina over time – a subtle sheen that gives the metal a slightly matte finish. This is not a sign of wear but rather a natural evolution of the metal’s surface, giving it a ‘lived in’ look. It’s sort of similar to how natural materials like marble ‘age’ over time with wear – it’s not a flaw, moreso a natural progression, For those who love stories and see beauty in the passage of time, the patina can be worn like a badge of honour. However, if you prefer the original high gloss finish, the platinum patina can be polished back to its original state. 

How to maintain platinum jewellery 

While platinum is indeed more resistant to scratching and wear compared to its other precious metal counterparts, it still requires maintenance to keep it looking its best. 

  • Regular cleaning: A simple solution of soap and warm water, used with a soft-bristled brush, can work wonders in removing any buildup of dirt and grime, restoring your ring’s natural sheen. As you’ll likely be wearing your platinum ring daily, a once-in-a-while clean is a good idea to keep it looking its best. It also allows you an opportunity to inspect it for any possible damage. 
  • Polishing: A professional polish can erase the patina and surface scratches, rejuvenating your platinum ring. However, remember that each polish removes a tiny layer of metal (making your ring thinner each time), so it’s wise not to overdo it. 
  • Storage: When not wearing your ring, store your platinum piece away from other jewellery pieces to prevent scratches. A fabric-lined box or a separate pouch is your ring’s best friend. 
  • Mindful wearing: Even the mightiest of metals appreciates a bit of caution. While you can wear platinum for pretty much any activity in your day-to-day life, remove your ring during heavy manual tasks to shield it from unnecessary stress and potential harm.  

Find your perfect platinum piece

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