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The do’s and don’ts of jewellery storage

The do’s and don’ts of jewellery storage

Jewellery, with its delicate nature and sentimental value, demands careful handling and storage. Proper storage of your jewellery helps it maintain its beauty and remain heirlooms for generations to come. Here’s all the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of jewellery storage and maintenance. 

Do’s of jewellery storage 

  • DO keep jewellery organised 

An organised jewellery box or drawer with separate compartments for each piece prevents scratches and tangling. Store different gemstones and different metals separately, as they are different hardnesses, and could scratch each other (e.g. Always store diamonds with diamonds, away from other gems). 

  • DO use anti-tarnish materials 

Silver and some other metals tarnish over time when exposed to air. Storing your jewellery in anti-tarnish cloth bags or with anti-tarnish strips can slow down the tarnishing process. But remember, a tarnished piece of jewellery can be brought back to life with a quick polish. Read our guide to restoring tarnished jewellery, here. 

  • DO keep it cool and dry 

Humidity and heat can cause damage to your jewellery over time. It’s vital to store your pieces in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight – in a drawer or cupboard, ideally. 

DON’Ts of Jewellery Storage 

  • DON’T store jewellery unprotected 

Storing jewellery pieces together without protection can lead to scratches and damage. Metals and gemstones have different hardness levels, and harder stones can easily scratch softer metals. 

  • DON’T leave jewellery in direct sunlight 

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade some gemstones, such as amethysts and sapphires. Ensure that your storage spot is away from direct sunlight to maintain the vibrant colours of your gemstones, and to prevent any issues with heat. 

  • DON’T store jewellery in damp places 

Rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, being humid, are not suitable for storing jewellery. Humidity accelerates tarnishing and can cause certain metals to corrode, and harm certain gemstones such as pearls.  

  • DON’T forget to insure 

While not directly related to the physical storage of your jewellery, ensuring your high-value pieces are insured gives you peace of mind. In case of loss or damage, insurance can help cover the cost of repair or replacement – it’s not worth taking the risk. 

  • DON’T use DIY cleaning solutions (without research!) 

Before attempting to clean your jewellery at home, especially using DIY solutions, do your research! Some gemstones can be irreparably harmed by certain chemicals. Read up on our guides to cleaning gold, platinum, silver, diamonds and pearls, here. And if in doubt, take a gentle approach – or consult a jeweller. 

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