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Can you resize a platinum ring? 

Can you resize a platinum ring?

Platinum rings are renowned for their timeless beauty and durability. Their beauty and durability make them a popular choice for engagement and wedding bands. However, life is full of changes, and sometimes, you may need to resize a platinum ring to ensure it fits comfortably – maybe you’ve inherited a ring in the wrong size, maybe your weight has fluctuated, or perhaps you just want to wear a piece on a different finger. There are all kinds of reasons you might need to resize a platinum ring. Here, we discuss the process. 

Understanding platinum 

Platinum is a precious metal known for its strength, rarity, and naturally white colour. Its density and durability make it an ideal choice for fine jewellery. To create platinum jewellery, jewellers will usually use a platinum alloy, where the platinum is mixed with small amounts of other metals like iridium, palladium, or ruthenium. This alloy provides the necessary strength while retaining platinum’s distinctive characteristics. 

Can you resize a platinum ring? 

Yes, you can usually resize a platinum ring, but several factors come into play: 

  • Type of platinum alloy: The type of platinum alloy used in your ring can affect the ease of resizing. Choosing a skilled jeweller who understands how to work with different platinum alloys is very important. 
  • Sizing up vs. sizing down: Making a platinum ring smaller (sizing down) or larger (sizing up) is possible but differs in complexity. Sizing down usually involves cutting a portion of the ring and welding it back together. However, sizing up requires adding platinum to the ring, which can be more challenging (it could potentially weaken, stretch or compromise the design of your ring). 
  • Design complexity: The design of your platinum ring plays a significant role in the resizing process. Rings with intricate engravings, detailed patterns, or settings containing gemstones may require extra care and expertise to preserve their beauty during resizing. Some platinum rings (such as full eternity rings) may not be able to be resized due to their design.  

The resizing process 

Wondering how the magic happens? Here’s a general overview of the resizing process: 

  • Consultation: A jeweller will assess your ring’s current size, design, and materials, and discuss your resizing options. 
  • Sizing: To make the ring smaller, the jeweller will remove a portion of the band and then solder the ends together. To make it larger, they will cut the band and insert an additional piece of platinum. 
  • Stone removal: If the ring has gemstones, the jeweller will carefully remove them to avoid them getting damaged during the resizing. 
  • Reshaping and refinishing: After resizing, the jeweller reshapes the ring, ensuring a seamless appearance. They may also refinish the surface to restore its original lustre. 
  • Stone resetting: If applicable, the gemstones will be reset securely into the ring. 
  • Polishing and cleaning: The resized ring will usually be cleaned and polished, so it’s in ‘as new’ condition to come back to you. 

Still have questions about resizing your platinum ring? 

Get in touch with our friendly team of experts to find out your options. Alternatively, learn more about platinum, with our helpful articles, such as; what is the difference between white gold and platinum? What is the history of platinum? And, how do you clean platinum?