10 Best Diamond and Gemstone Gift Earrings

Here it is, our 10 Best Diamond and Gemstone Earrings list. This elegant collection showcases our best selling, top reviewed and highest value earrings that make perfect gifts.

1. Diamond Heart Earrings

This dazzling pair of diamond hearts is a coveted gift, guaranteed to please any jewellery lover.

2. Blue Sapphire Hoops

This highly-rated pair of mini hoops with royal blue sapphires is perfect for any occasion.

3. Diamond Studs

Luxurious and elegant… You cannot go wrong with diamond studs. They suit absolutely anyone and will be a much-loved gift.

4. Tanzanite Studs

Tanzanite is much rarer than diamonds and its blue-violet shimmer is bewitching to gaze at.

5. Blue Topaz Drops

These stunning blue earrings are handcrafted with teardrop blue topaz gemstones that sparkle alluringly.

6. Lab Diamond Cluster Earrings

With sparkling, sustainable lab grown diamonds that contrast with luscious yellow gold, these earrings are simply beautiful.

7. Pearl & Diamond Halo Earrings

These classic pearl earrings go with any outfit from formal work attire to weekend chic, so they make a delightful gift that will be worn and cherished for years to come.

8. Masami Marquise Diamond Drops

Glamorous sparkle, timeless style. You’ll look and feel utterly luxurious when you wear these earrings.

9. Dainty Diamond Gold Hoops

Dainty, shimmering and light, these earrings are a girl’s (or boy’s) best friend when you need something chic and sparkly to add a touch of luxe to your look.

10. Diamond Ear Climbers

These stunning ear climbers can be worn as a pair, or one at a time. Stylish and luxurious, they are a sure-fire gift for the festive season and beyond.