10 Best Sustainable Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Gifts

sustainable lab grown diamond jewellery gifts for Christmas

Meet our collection of sustainable lab grown diamond jewellery gifts. Real diamonds, just like mined diamonds, they give you up to 50% more carats for your budget, often with a superior diamond quality grade. Perfect ethical luxury presents.

1. Lab diamond flower earrings

These gorgeous little flower earrings look stunning on, highlighting your features with beautiful sparkle. A perfect present for someone special.

2. Lab diamond cluster necklace

This is a sophisticated piece of diamond jewellery that suits any outfit from day to evening.

3. Lab diamond huggy earrings

As beautiful as they are comfortable, these perfect little diamond huggy earrings are a timeless gift that is guaranteed to go down well.

4. Lab diamond life journey necklace

With seven sparkling diamonds that increase in size and symbolise the growth of love forever, this life journey pendant makes a truly meaningful gift.

5. Lab diamond stud earrings

These dainty diamond stud earrings feature an illusion setting which is designed to make the diamonds look larger and more sparkly.

6. Lab diamond solitaire necklace

A classic diamond solitaire necklace that looks beautiful in its simplicity. Also available in yellow gold.

7. Lab diamond cluster earrings

With a sparkling cluster setting with multiple diamonds, these earrings are a popular and highly-rated choice for birthday and anniversary presents.

8. Lab diamond hamsa necklace

Symbolising luck and production, this trendy hamsa necklace shimmers with beautiful diamonds in highly polished white gold. Truly stunning.

9. Lab diamond hoop earrings

Classic, dainty hoop earrings in white gold. The edges showcase beautiful milgrain work that creates a hint of vintage style luxury.

10. Lab diamond heart pendant

Want to tell someone you love them? This exquisite diamond heart is a cannot-go-wrong gift that looks stunning on the neckline.

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