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Pink vs Yellow vs Blue Lab Diamonds – Which Colour Is Best For You?

We explain the symbolism behind pink vs yellow vs blue lab diamond colours, and how to choose the best one to match your complexion and personality.

What are pink vs blue vs yellow lab diamonds?

Pink, blue and yellow lab diamonds fall into the category of “fancy coloured diamonds”. In other words, diamonds that are not white. Coloured lab diamonds are real diamonds, just like their mined counterparts. This is because scientists are now able to grow real diamonds in a laboratory. They do this by using technology that imitates the Mother Nature. Learn more here.

Which colour is best for you?

Let’s look at each diamond colour individually. First, we’ll explore what the colours symbolise. Next, we’ll look at what they say about your personality. Finally, we’ll explain how to choose a diamond colour that flatters your skin tone.

1. Pink lab diamonds

Symbolism – Pink is the colour of love. Whilst the colour red also symbolises love, it’s more often associated with passion and romance. Whereas pink represents all types of love, from the love between life partners to the affection we feel for friends and family.

Personality – Pink is often associated with femininity. However, like the sacred lotus flower in Asian lore, the colour pink originally stands for beauty, peace and kindness. Choosing to wear pink diamonds means that you are a kind, loving and relaxed person.

Skin tone – Pink is a colour that tends to suit all skin tones. It looks amazing against dark, olive and light skin.

2. Yellow lab diamonds

Symbolism – Yellow is the colour of energy, happiness and creativity. Likened to sunshine, it can look warm or even fiery. Therefore, yellow diamonds can put a ‘spark’ into your life.

Personality – Joyfulness, positivity and spontaneity are all personality characteristics associated with people who choose to wear yellow diamonds.

Skin tone – Yellow tends to suit warm and olive skin tones. If you look at the veins underneath your wrist and they appear more green than blue, then you have warm-toned skin.

3. Blue lab diamonds

Symbolism – Blue is a colour of truth and loyalty. What’s more, it is the colour associated with nobility or royalty. The colour blue also reminds us of water and the sky.

Personality – People who prefer to wear blue are often described as peaceful and reliable. It’s no surprise that blue is the most popular gem colour for engagement rings since it symbolises loyalty, unconditional love and commitment.

Skin tone – Blue tends to suit people with cool skin tones. If the veins on the underside of your wrist appear more blue than green, then you have a cool skin tone.

Pink vs yellow vs blue. Which diamond colour is best for you?

In conclusion, yellow diamonds are bright and eye-catching, and tend to suit warm and olive skin tones. Blue diamonds are traditional and classic, and generally complement cool skin tones. Pink diamonds are easy for everybody to wear because they suit all complexions and symbolise love.

We hope this article helps you decide on a perfect diamond. Whichever colour you choose, your jewellery item is guaranteed to look beautiful and luxurious, and make an impression wherever you go.

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