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Not just proposals: other occasions that can be celebrated with a ring

Not just proposals: other occasions that can be celebrated with a ring

While engagement rings are the most well-known symbol of a significant life milestone, there are several other occasions where a ring can be the perfect way to commemorate an event or emotion. From graduations to personal achievements, rings can be the perfect lasting reminder of life’s special moments. Let’s get into what other occasions can be celebrated with a ring, and shopping tips to make selecting the perfect piece easy.

1. Graduation celebrations 

Significance: Graduating from a university or college is a significant achievement that deserves to be celebrated. A ring can symbolise the hard work and dedication that led to this accomplishment. 

Shopping Tips: Look for rings that can be personalised with engravings, such as the graduation year or the recipient’s initials. Classic designs in silver or gold are timeless choices, and subtle rings can be worn in professional settings, on their new journey in the corporate world. 

2. Birth of a new baby

Significance: The arrival of a new baby is a huge, joyous occasion in anyone’s life, often marked with gifts. A ring can serve as a beautiful, lasting symbol of a mother’s (or father’s) love. 

Shopping Tips: Consider rings with the child’s birthstone or a piece that incorporates the birthdate. Stackable rings are also a great choice, allowing for additions with future children. 

3. Celebrating a personal milestone

Significance: Personal milestones like a promotion, starting a business, or achieving a personal goal are all occasions worth commemorating with a special piece of jewellery, and make for the perfect self-gift.

Shopping Tips: Choose a ring that reflects the individual’s style and the nature of the achievement. Bold, unique designs can be a great conversation starter and a reminder of their success. 

4. Milestone anniversaries 

Significance: Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a decade of friendship, or another important relationship milestone, a ring is a timeless way to celebrate, that can be stacked against or with engagement and wedding rings. 

Shopping Tips: Eternity rings or bands with a specific number of stones (representing the years) are popular choices. Personalised engravings add a special touch. 

Finding the right ring

Choosing the right ring for a special moment adds a personal touch and creates a lasting memory. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, a new child, a personal victory, or an important anniversary, there’s a perfect ring out there to mark the occasion. Take a look at our beautiful range of rings, here.