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10 Best Jewellery Gifts Under £250 for Christmas

10 Best Jewellery Gifts Under £250 for Christmas

Here is our collection of 10 best jewellery gifts under £250 for Christmas. With beautiful, sparkling diamond and gemstone gifts that are perfect for under the tree.


1. Sapphire Stud Earrings

These beautiful blue sapphire stud earrings handcrafted in white gold are a gift you cannot go wrong with.

2. Aquamarine Ring

This romantic aquamarine ring is set in white gold with dazzling accent diamonds. For those who love sparkle.

3. Ruby Gold Earrings

A pair of ravishing red ruby earrings that look luxurious in yellow gold. A gift that any jewellery lover will adore.

4. Diamond Heart Necklace

This beautiful, contemporary diamond heart slider necklace highlights your neckline with shimmer and sparkle.

5. Amethyst & Diamond Heart Necklace

A gift that says ‘I love you’. This amethyst heart pendant looks luxurious in a white gold setting. Amethyst is also the February birthstone.

6. Diamond Kisses Bracelet

This gorgeous bracelet’s silver chain is made with a continuous line of ‘X’ shapes that symbolise kisses. Accented with dainty shimmering diamonds.

7. Pink Sapphire Earrings

Pretty in pink! These gorgeous stud earrings feature natural pink sapphires in the shape of a flower.

8. Amethyst & Diamond Gold Ring

A dazzling and elegant amethyst and diamond ring. A great gift idea for Christmas.

9. Diamond Heart Bracelet

What better gift than a sparkling diamond heart bracelet? This bracelet is on our Best Jewellery Gifts Under £250 list because it has rave reviews.

8. Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

A dazzling blue sapphire and diamond ring that makes an exquisite, luxurious gift idea for Christmas.

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