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10 Best Engagement Ring Styles (+ 7 Ways to Make Your Diamond Ring Bigger)

This article explains the 10 most popular engagement ring styles and their advantages – to help you choose a ring that suits you perfectly.


1. Low set solitaire rings

A low set solitaire ring has a single diamond held in place by metal claws. The reason why it is called low set is that when you look at its side profile, you’ll notice the diamond sits low down, close to the band. The advantage of a low-set solitaire is that the diamond won’t catch on clothes, hair or objects around you because it is securely “tucked in”. For people who want a classic but practical ring, it’s a practical and beautiful choice.

Best Engagement Ring Designs

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2. High set solitaire rings

A high set solitaire ring has a single diamond secured in place by long metal claws that hold the diamond high up. This means that if you look at its side profile, you’ll see there is a gap between the diamond and the band. The high-set solitaire is the ultimate, classic engagement ring style. It makes your diamond look larger and allows it to catch a lot of light, giving you maximum sparkle.

High set solitaire rings

3. Rub over set solitaire rings

A rub over setting (sometimes called a bezel setting) holds the diamond in place by “wrapping” precious metal around it. This style has various advantages. Firstly, it holds the diamond firmly in place. Secondly, it protects it from knocks and catching on things. Thirdly, it makes the diamond appear larger than it actually is, because the gold or platinum wrapped around it gives it extra girth. It’s the ideal ring for active people who do a lot with their hands: whilst sleek and sophisticated, it’s an extremely robust design.

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4. Tension set solitaire rings

The tension setting holds the diamond in place by pressure from the metal band. The diamond’s edges slot tightly into tiny little grooves in the metal, and the tension created by the ring’s band holds it securely in place. This style looks truly unique and allows you to see most of the diamond, which is visually pleasing and allows for plentiful sparkle.

Tension set solitaire rings

5. Halo engagement rings

A halo ring has a centre solitaire, which is encircled by small diamonds that create a sparkling ‘halo’ around it. This ring style can have any shape, including round, square, pear or cushion cuts. It’s a great way to add extra luxury to a plain solitaire ring. What’s more, you can also have double or multiple halos. In a nutshell, it’s the ultimate ring design for those who love luxury.

Best Engagement Ring Designs

6. Diamond cluster rings

A diamond cluster setting allows you to have any design you like. It’s a ring where lots and lots of small diamonds are set close together. Cluster rings are very versatile, offering multiple designs in almost any style – including square, round, oval, pear, rectangular and even heart and flower-shaped rings. 

Best Engagement Ring Designs


7. Trilogy rings

Trilogy rings, also called three-stone rings, have three diamonds on the band. A trilogy ring symbolises the past, present and future of your relationship. This is a beautiful sentiment for an engagement ring. The main advantage of a trilogy ring is that it offers three times the sparkle of a solitaire. As an added bonus, you can also personalise your trilogy ring with coloured gems if you wish.

Best Engagement Ring Designs

8. Twist set rings

A twist setting is a design where the ring’s band twists around the central stone. This unique style symbolises two lovers entwined in an embrace, which is very romantic. This style is usually a modification of the rub over or the claw setting (see above). Because of its design, it is really eye-catching. If you want something that stands out from the crowd, it’s a fantastic choice.

Twist set rings

9. Vintage style rings

Vintage style rings echo the romantic designs of bygone days. There are many different vintage styles to choose from, so all you have to do is pick your favourite. For example, the geometric designs with lavish diamonds reminiscent of the Art Deco movement in the 1920s are very popular. The intricate motifs of Victorian rings or the delicate filigree work from the Edwardian era are also stunning. You can find all of these styles translated into modern ring designs, which look fantastic and feel wonderful to wear. 

Best Engagement Ring Designs

10. Blue sapphire rings

Finally, if you want something a little bit different yet utterly luxurious, you cannot go wrong with a blue sapphire ring. Blue sapphires have a royal history, including Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Sapphires are incredibly durable gemstones, ranking very close to the hardness of diamonds. This makes them excellent for life-long daily wear. If you’re not sure about a diamond ring… then this could be the perfect alternative for you!

Blue sapphire rings

Ready to shop for an engagement ring?

Picking an engagement ring can be tricky because there are so many different styles to choose from. Ultimately, the style is perhaps the most important factor because the person who the ring is for will wear it for a lifetime. Now that you know all about the best styles available, you’ll be able to make a confident choice.