10 Best Pearl Birthstone Jewellery Gifts for June

We’ve made a list of the 10 best pearl birthstone jewellery gifts for June birthdays and special occasions. It features our bestselling pearl items with the highest customer reviews. 

1. Pearl & Diamond Ring

Pearls and diamonds are Mother Nature’s most beautiful treasures. With a classic design, this beautiful halo ring makes one of the best pearl jewellery gifts for June.

Price £345 or 3 payments of £115.00

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

2. Pearl, Topaz & Diamond Earrings

These stunning earrings are made with lustrous pearls and pear-cut blue topaz. Accented with dainty round diamonds, they highlight your features with flattering radiance.

Price £365 or 3 payments of £121.66

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

3. Pearl & Diamond Halo Necklace

A stunning halo necklace, this elegant design displays a single pearl encircled by shimmering round diamonds. Matches the ring at #4 above.

Price £259 or 3 payments of £86.33

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

4. Pearl & Diamond Earrings

These exquisite pearl earrings look stunning with their shimmering diamond and white gold leaves, giving your look a touch of chic bohemian luxury.

Price £369 or 3 payments of £123.00

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

5. Pearl Diamond Butterfly Necklace

With a beautiful freshwater pearl suspended within a sparkling diamond and white gold butterfly motif, this whimsical little piece makes a wonderful present for a birthday.

£205 or 3 payments of £68.33

6. Pearl & Sapphire Ring

Here, blue sapphires frame a gorgeous white pearl set in warm yellow gold. This unique and beautiful ring looks elegant and eye-catching on the hand and makes a fantastic birthstone gift.

Price £255 or 3 payments of £85.00

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

7. Pearl Heart Halo Necklace

A best-seller, this elegant necklace combines a stunning freshwater pearl and a halo of shimmering diamonds. A gift you cannot go wrong with.

Price £235 or 3 payments of £78.33

8. Pearl & Shell Ring

A luxurious bohemian piece, this ring has a unique design that combines a beautiful pearl with a delicate shell flower and dainty accent diamonds. It looks exquisite on the hand.

Price £379 or starting from £8.50 per month

9. Pearl & Tanzanite Earrings

A best-selling gift, these pearl and tanzanite earrings come with beautiful sparkle and a setting in white gold. Luxurious and pretty, they are a guaranteed hit.

Price £225 or 3 payments of £75.00

Best Pearl Jewellery Gifts

10. Pearl & Garnet Gold Ring

Like the birthday gift ring that Prince William gave Kate Middleton with pearls and garnets, this ring makes a wonderful surprise for any special occasion, with a gorgeous pop of jewel colour on your hand.

£399 or starting from £8.94 per month

Please note all prices quoted correctly on 17th May 2021 but may vary after this date.



Beautiful pearl pieces for June birthdays and special occasions