10 Best Aquamarine March Birthstone Gifts

Aquamarine is the beautiful blue-green birthstone gem for March. This list of 10 best aquamarine March birthstone gifts offers stunning ideas for March birthdays and occasions.

1. Aquamarine Trilogy Ring

This exquisite trilogy ring is the perfect gift to make someone feel special. Also available in yellow gold here.

2. Classic Aquamarine Ring

This unique, asymmetric band with dazzling aquamarine and diamonds really flatters your hand. Also available in other gold qualities and colours.

3. Aquamarine & Diamond Drop Earrings

These timeless halo drop earrings with beautifully polished oval aquamarines look stunning from the moment they come out of our stylish gift box.

4. Aquamarine and Diamond Necklace

This gorgeous, dainty necklace is a best seller and reviewed as one of our best aquamarine March birthstone gifts, ever.

5. Aquamarine Halo Earrings

These halo earrings are among our best March aquamarine jewellery gifts ideas. Perfect for those who love understated, luxurious jewellery.

6. Aquamarine Halo Ring

One customer left a review of this beautiful ring saying simply, “Beautiful!! Stunning!!”

7. Aquamarine Stud Earrings

These gorgeous little stud earrings are set in yellow gold with tiny accent diamonds providing extra dazzle to highlight your features.

8. Oval Aquamarine Halo Necklace

This necklace stunning oval cut Brazilian aquamarine encircled by shimmering diamonds is classic and beautiful, perfect to wear close to your heart.

9. Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

This stunning oval cut aquamarine is surrounded with sustainable lab diamonds. A superb gift for big occasions. More designs available with mined diamonds and other gold colours here.

10. Aquamarine Halo Necklace

If you’re looking for a brilliant March birthday gift idea, this handcrafted piece highlights the neckline with beautiful sparkle.

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