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What are sustainable diamonds?

What are sustainable diamonds? Sustainable diamonds are diamonds that scientists grow in a laboratory. In other words, miners have not extracted them from the earth. Consequently, they help avoid the depletion of natural resources.

What does sustainable mean?

Sustainable products do not compromise our planet’s resources for future generations.  Essentially, their production saves the environment, instead of threatening it. In this sense, lab grown diamonds are sustainable because we do not have to extract them from the earth.

Are sustainable diamonds ethical?

Yes, sustainable diamonds are an ethical choice when it comes to the environment. No extraction from the earth is required. Therefore, they help maintain ecological balance.

Why should I choose them?

Many people are worried about the environmental damage from mining – soil erosion, deforestation and water pollution. If this weighs on your mind, but you still want a piece of diamond jewellery, then laboratory grown diamonds are a great option for you.

What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that scientists grow in high tech laboratories. While many people mistakenly think they are ‘fake’, they are, in fact, chemically and optically identical to natural mined diamonds. This is because their production actually mimics natural diamond formation under the Earth’s crust.

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Not the same as synthetic substitutes

Often, people confuse other stones, like moissanite and cubic zirconia, with lab grown diamonds. However, these are diamond substitutes, not the same as lab grown diamonds. Always double-check which stone you are buying.

Are they the same as conflict-free diamonds?

You may have heard the terms ‘blood diamond’ or ‘conflict diamond’. They refer to black-market diamonds that are sourced in war zones and linked to horrible human rights violations.

As opposed to this, conflict-free diamonds are mined diamonds that come from legitimate sources. Their production has not caused human suffering.

Therefore, when we talk about sustainable lab grown diamonds, they do not mean the same thing as conflict-free diamonds. They are, however, both ethical.

Price – much more affordable

Lab grown diamonds do not have the mining overheads of extraction or transportation. As a result, they are not just sustainable – they also offer excellent value for money. They can give you up to a 50% bigger diamond for your budget.

Are sustainable diamonds right for you?

The decision is entirely yours. Whether you choose sustainable lab grown diamonds or conflict-free mined diamonds, the most important thing is that you pick a beautiful piece of jewellery. Both options are ethical; now you simply have more choice.

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