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5 Best Grammys Jewellery Looks 2021

Have you seen the best Grammys jewellery looks 2021 yet? We’ve gathered the top five for you here, with over the top, dazzling diamonds (we’re looking at you Megan Thee Stallion), retro diamond cross and multiple signet rings (courtesy of Harry Styles), plus Cuban bracelets, layered diamond necklaces and extravagant gemstone ring stacks… what more could we wish for?

1. Megan Thee Stallion’s exquisite diamonds

We absolutely love Megan’s elegant golden-orange gown, accessorized with sparkling diamonds. On her neckline, she wore an extravagant diamond collarette and combined these with equally lavish diamond button earrings and wide evening bracelets. So elegant, so luxurious, so timeless.

2. Harry Styles’s cross pendant and rings

Harry Styles rocked up in an Adore-able outfit that included a feather boa and was accompanied by a diamond cross pendant on a long chain, and mixed metal rings on every finger. Definitely among the best Grammys jewellery this year for men, we love his fun, retro rock star look!

3. Lizzo’s ravishing stacked diamond rings

While Lizzo’s diamond jewellery, in general, was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, let’s focus for a moment on those diamond rings on her hands… Wow! Never has the stacked-ring-look been so exquisitely done before. This was, in fact, one of the most eye-catching trends at the Grammys this year, from Ringo Star’s pinkie rings to these stunning pieces we saw on Lizzo. For her look, she combined a huge variety of eternity rings, diamond cluster rings and below-the-knuckle rings, all with lashings of diamonds, to go with the rest of her jewellery. Stunning!

4. Finneas’ Cuban bracelet

Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas, outdid himself with this stunning pink tuxedo. The singer-songwriter’s 23-year old brother is known to collaborate with his sister. And while we love that his outfit matched his sister’s colour palette… we mainly cannot take our eyes off his gorgeous Cuban bracelet. This is a perfect example of when you choose to accessorise with just one stunning piece of jewellery – and get it right.

5. Noah Cyrus’s layered diamonds and gems

Miley Cyrus’ sister Noah stole the show with a controversial dress that most viewers seemed to have a love-hate relationship with. While her dress choice left no one indifferent, we focused on her gorgeous array of multi-coloured gemstone rings and layered diamond necklaces. Definitely over the top… but then isn’t that what the Grammys no-rules fashion extravaganza is all about? Definitely one the best Grammys jewellery looks 2021.

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