Ruby Ring Buying Advice – 6 Best Ruby Ring Styles

Do you need some ruby ring buying advice? Ruby is the perfect gift for big birthdays. It’s also the July birthstone and the official 40th anniversary gemstone gift. Here are the 6 best ruby ring styles for special occasions – find out their meaning and expert buying tips.

1.  Classic ruby ring with diamonds

Rubies symbolise love. Diamonds, on the other hand, symbolise lasting commitment. Therefore, a ring with rubies and diamonds is an especially great choice for anniversaries. As the July birthstone, it also makes a spectacular gift for mid-summer birthdays.

💡 TOP BUYING TIP – If you’re on a tight budget, buy a small ruby surrounded by accent diamonds. Why? Large rubies are rare and therefore much more expensive per carat than small rubies. Small accent diamonds add sparkle and size to a ring, but they don’t actually cost as much as a big single ruby would.

Price £2699

Price £385

2. Full ruby eternity ring

There are several good reasons for choosing a ruby eternity ring as an anniversary gift. Firstly, eternity rings are traditionally given as anniversar gifts. Secondly, ruby is the gem on love. Thirdly, an eternity ring can be worn instead of a wedding ring or alongside it.

💡 TOP BUYING TIP – Don’t leave the ordering of an eternity ring until the last minute. These rings take time to make and they cannot be resized. Try to make your purchase a few weeks before the special occasion, in the correct size.

Price £2885

3. Half ruby eternity ring

Half eternity rings have stones only on the upper half of the ring. This is as opposed to the full eternity ring, shown above, which has stones all around the band. Thanks to this, half eternity rings can feature larger gems than full eternity rings.

💡 TOP BUYING TIP – Half eternity rings are usually more affordable than full eternity rings. Some wearers also say they find half eternity rings more comfortable than full eternity rings. If you’re not sure about buying a full eternity ring, this may be a great option for you.

Price £999

4. Ruby trilogy ring

Ruby three-stone rings, also known as trilogy rings, are very popular gifts because they symbolise the past, present and future. This can be a romantic gift to represent your relationship, or a birthday gift to symbolise a loved one’s life.

💡 TOP BUYING TIP – You can choose a ring with three rubies, or a ring with one ruby and two diamonds. Either way, it’s considered a trilogy ring.

Price £219

Price £1795

5. Emerald cut ruby ring

Rubies, especially large ones, are often shaped into oval gems. This is due to their crystal structure which favours rounded cuts. However, a well-cut ruby will also look spectacular and quite unique in a rectangular shape, known as the “emerald cut”.

💡 TOP BUYING TIP – A rectangular gem shape tends to give of long, sustained flashes of light, rather than sparkle. (Sparkle is more often seen in small, round rubies because their multiple facets reflect light in all directions.) This gives your red ruby ring a unique type of glow.

Price from £359

6. Ruby statement ring

There are as many beautiful types of ruby rings, as there are occasions for wearing them. If you’re looking for flamboyance and flair, you may want to consider a ring design that breaks the norm.

💡 TOP BUYING TIP – If your gift recipient has flamboyance and flair, you may want to consider a statement ring that stands out from the crowd. The most interesting ruby rings often have lots of small rubies arranged in an interesting design.

Price £1695

Good reasons to choose ruby as a gift:

Firstly, the ruby is one of the “Big Three” precious stones, alongside emeralds and sapphires. Therefore it’s a valuable item to add to your collection.

Secondly, rubies are incredibly durable – this is ideal for rings, which can sometimes get knocked when you use your hands.

Finally, the ruby’s colour is associated with love, plus it’s also the birthstone for July… as well as being the official 40th anniversary gem. So a ruby gift can have triple the significance!

All prices were quoted correctly on 7th June 2022 but may change at any time after this date.

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