Wedding Inspiration: Pink Sapphires

Pink sapphire rings

Wedding Inspiration: Pink Sapphires

Today we bring you wedding styling ideas, inspired by one of the world’s most gorgeous and coveted gems, the pink sapphire.

The pink sapphire in history and mythology

Throughout history, this sparkling pink gemstone has symbolised love. In Asian mythology and lore it’s linked to the sacred lotus flower, standing for beauty, purity and wisdom.

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Pink sapphire | Rings 

Pink inspiration for: the bridesmaids

For pink sapphire-inspired bridesmaids’ bouquets choose fluffy peonies, English garden roses or dahlias with dusty miller accents.

Pink bridal theme inspired by pink sapphires

Pink sapphire | Earrings

Pink bridal theme inspired by pink sapphires

The pink sapphire has a royal tie

The pink sapphire is also known as the “royal gem”. It was the colour chosen by Italian heiress Beatrice Borromeo for her vintage lace wedding dress when she married Monaco’s Pierre Casiraghi in August 2015. Monaco’s most iconic bride, Grace Kelly, also wore a classic pale pink suit for her civil ceremony when she married Prince Rainier III.

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Pink sapphire rings

Pink sapphire | Engagement Rings

The fine line between a pink sapphire and a ruby

Did you know that sapphires are formed from the same mineral as rubies? Called corundum, this rare precious stone is mined in all different colours.

There is a fine line between where a ruby’s red colour ends and a pink sapphire’s hue begins! Many gem experts debate it, but no official distinction has been established. That’s why natural pink sapphires are said to exist in a whole scale of shades: from baby pink to deep fuchsia.

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Pink sapphire | Pendants

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