10 Bridesmaid Types and How They Can Help You

Your best friend since first grade, your sister, your favourite niece… because you wouldn’t want anybody else but these amazing women as your bridesmaids! And to top it all off, each and every one of your “best girls” has their own unique bridesmaid talent that will totally help you on your wedding day. Check out these 10 bridesmaids personalities below. How many of them ring true to you?

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1. The Bestie Bridesmaid

She’s your BFF and, if it weren’t for your fiancé, she’d be your soulmate for life. She’s the one to have with you on the morning of your wedding and appoint as your Maid of Honour.

2. The Efficient Bridesmaid

She’s your most organised friend, ever. Normally her spreadsheets, schedules and punctuality are a bit scary. But when it comes to wedding planning, this is the girl who’ll get the groomsmen in line and sort out any last minute problems in a jiffy.

3. The Funny Bridesmaid

She’s the one to ask to do a bridesmaid’s speech if you want one, organise hen night party games, and get the shyest wedding guests dancing. She’ll also relieve all your pre-wedding tension by making you giggle if things go haywire.

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4. The Fashionable Bridesmaid

She’ll present you with the most fashionable wedding blogs and recommend the best hairdresser. Ask her for advice when you’re not sure which earrings to wear with your dress.

5. The Pinterest Bridesmaid

From exquisite centerpieces to fabulous handmade wedding favours that will make your guests ‘ooh-and-ah’, this crafty lady will put your wedding day details together. Better yet, pair her up with Fashionable Bridesmaid to make your wildest wedding vision come true!

6. The Been-There-Done-It Bridesmaid

She has been bridesmaid ten times already and knows what comes next… incredibly handy when she preempts problems and does all her bridesmaids chores without you having to ask her once.

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7. The Darling Bridesmaid

She’s so cute and sweet and loves you so much!! This is the girl who’ll get all emotional and cry when you say your vows… and make you cry happy tears when she gives you the biggest hug ever at the end of the night!!!

8. The Super-Chilled Bridesmaid

She’s so laid back that being in her very presence will make you feel instantly calm. When things get really stressy, she’ll hand you a lavender-soaked handkerchief and get you to breathe deeply until you’re ready to face the music again.

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9. The Tech Savvy Bridesmaid

She’ll sort out the sound system for the band, recommend the best wedding videographer and choose a cool hashtag for your day. Rely on this lady to play the right MP3 as you walk down the isle!

10. The Trustworthy Bridesmaid

Reliable and conscientious to the core, this is the girl who makes sure the Best Man has the rings and puts your gran safely in a cab at the end of the night.

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